Digital Badges are For Employers as much as they are for the Employees

Recruitment is a challenging task. Read the word “challenging as tough and you are nearer to reality. Onboarding, follows successful recruitment, knowing the new recruit, getting all the documents in place, induction and a bit of training. Sounds a task well done, but is it?

40% of the companies in UK spend more than 10,000 Pounds re-hiring staff after employing an unsuitable candidate for the task. A 10% of them end up spending four times the amount. AXELOS, UK-based global best practice who, conducted this survey said that 48% of HR professionals often skip the qualification verification part. Traditional transcripts have limitations when it comes to verifiability. The candidates risk moving the original transcripts which stand a risk of loss and theft.

Even when the candidate brings the original transcripts, it is a Russian roulette in the HR department. Who does the checking? The recruiter, the HR Manager, The Admin Head or the Line manager – the confusion is eternal. And the buck passes around because in all honesty, it is quite a task to do.

Bad hires are a risk and if you are lucky then just a cost. The chances of bad hires or cases of fraudulent certificates reach a notch higher with a rise in IT wages. People tend to push their CVs a bit too much on the higher side to get the job. And then add to it the omnipresent skill gap and the rush to fill vacancies fast – it is a norm that HR does not go through all the checks and rush the candidate onboarding.

The process cannot slow down. The need is for digital badges, which add creditability that is just a click away. It allows employers to:

  • Verify all the certificates with just a click
  • Gives you a detailed picture of the skill sets with surgical accuracy
  • Click the badge, see the metrics of qualification with instant and assured validation
  • Make confident and accurate hiring decisions
  • Take a low liability hiring decision and negate the bad hiring cost

The introduction of digital badges in education came with the turn of millennia. Today they are at the cusp of an evolution that can potentially change the way we look at education. The badges are stackable and come with Metadata that is retrievable by the student aka employee. The badges. The chances of bloating qualifications and exaggeration of skill sets come down to a zero with these badges. Employers can check these badges at the very first interview. Their online nature makes them feel light on employee file. When you start with verified qualification the cost of recruitment and the risks come down by miles.

Online, verifiable and fast, the era of digital badges sets in a harmony with the fast-paced recruitments with its security and assurance. They are here and are clearly the future of education that is skill based and not just credit based. It reduces the cost on both the ends and puts reliability to the forefront of the recruitment and onboarding process.

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