What is Most Interesting Micronations in the World?

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Most Interesting Micronations

Micro-nations are basically a “model country” or a “new country project” that identifies itself as an independent nation but is not recognized by other world governments or international organizations and institutes. Some have really interesting stories and are generally just cool places, but others are a bit weirder and have really crazy backgrounds. Unfortunately, most of them come from a dispute with their original government. This list is a collection of different Micro-nations that are really cool.

Freetown Christiania:

Freetown Christiania

Located on a deserted military base in Copenhagen, this small city of hippies and freethinkers considers itself as a shining example of anarchy as a legitimate form of government.

Conch Republic:

Conch Republic:

When the US highway patrol set up checkpoints in the Key West Florida area, people living there are upset because they violate the tourism industry. What they did to counter the US government was to declare independence from the United States.

Republic of Minerva:

Republic of Minerva

It was founded by real estate millionaire Michael Oliver and decided to pour sand into the Minerva reef between Tonga and New Zealand until it had enough land to raise a flag. Unfortunately, Tongan troops arrived and tore it down.

Principality of Sea-land:

Principality of Sea-land

It started in World War II as an anti-aircraft platform. In 1967, the pirate Bates, a pirate Bates, set up the shop and was arrested for shooting at a nearby work team. However, since the platform was in international waters, he was acquitted. Taking the opportunity, he established himself as a sovereign nation with an export pirate radio show.

Hutt River:

Hutt River

Hutt River is a small piece of land in Australia, and its leader is called Prince Leonard. It was allegedly separated from Australia in 1970, but Australia does not recognize it as an independent nation.

Glacier Republic:

Glacier Republic


Glacier Republic is located near the Argentine and Chilean borders and was founded in 2014 by Greenpeace activists. Although no one really lives there, it should become a micro-nation to alert the Andes glaciers and prevent the expansion of mining.

Kingdom of EnenKio:

Kingdom of EnenKio

A small separatist group based in the US territory of Wake Island seeks recognition as a Micronesian state. Although their offer was unsuccessful, at least they managed to set up a website.



When this small Italian village was told that it would have to reunite with a neighboring village to reduce administrative costs, the villagers opted for independence. So far, she has printed her own currency, built a coat of arms and tried to ratify a constitution.

Kingdom of Wallachia:

This small micro-nation was started on a corner of the Czech Republic with the intention of attracting tourists. The gimmick worked, though there have been some political struggles. Apparently, the appointed king began to take his job too seriously and demanded profit cuts.

North Dumpling Island:

North Dumpling Island

Off the coast of Connecticut, this island was bought by Dean Kaman. Later, he apparently signed a non-aggression pact with his then friend George W. Bush.

Republic of Morac-Songhrati-Meads:

Founded in the 1870s by British naval captain James Meads on the Spratly Islands, this site was little more than a battlefield between China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam in World War II. Recently, Mead’s offspring even sued the US for “unfair competition, harassment and sabotage”.



When the Austrian authorities disagreed with Edwin Lip burger’s plan to build a house in ball form on Lower Austrian land, he declared his independence. The ball was laid by the authorities in a park in Vienna and surrounded by a barbed wire fence. Edwin then refused to pay taxes, according to which only a reprieve from the Austrian president saved him from the prison.

Kingdom of Lovely:

This internet-based micro-nation was part of the TV documentary “How to Start Your Own Country”. Although the creator, comedian Danny Wallace, sought recognition from the United Nations, the lack of independent territory prevented his success.

Republic of Wendland:

This protest camp of 5000 German anti-nuclear activists was terminated by the police after one month.


When this small Italian village was told that it would have to reunite with a neighboring village to reduce administrative costs, the villagers opted for independence. So far, she has printed her own currency, built a coat of arms and tried to ratify a constitution.

To start a country, there are several things you needed. First and foremost would be the territory. After that, you probably want to some recognition, maybe from the US. If you can’t do that, you fall into a category of states called micro-nations. Some are established as jokes, others in protest, and others as the legitimate purpose of independence.


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