DIY Mirror Ideas to Spice Up Your Space

Decorating your home with DIY pieces can both be fulfilling and stress-relieving! These ideas will surely give your mirrors and living spaces the boost.

Mirrors are one of the most versatile assets in a room, especially if you know how to decorate it. They’ve been used for many other things other than looking at your reflection, from distributing light and making spaces seem bigger to brightening up areas of the house that don’t have enough windows.

It can get quite expensive to buy designer mirrors, so if you want to give your space some character without breaking the bank, you came to the right place. Here are some neat DIY ideas for transforming your mirrors into fabulous accent pieces.

Sun Ray Mirrors

You’ve probably seen this mirror design in a lot of famous furniture and décor stores. You can easily cop this look with some wood and gold spray paint! It’s up to you to decide about the size of the rays. You can choose thin wood shims or wide clothespins to make your vision come to life. Learn more about the project here.

Gemstone Mirror

Are you absolutely in love with crystals? You’d probably enjoy this gemstone mirror, then! The best part is, you can buy decorative stones for cheap in the home furniture sections at the mall. You can either go for one color to match your room or a multicolor layout to spruce up spaces. Put it on your vanity dresser, and you have a cute mirror! DIY it by following these steps.

Floral Wreath Mirror

Those with an affinity with nature, gardens, and flowers will enjoy this next one. You can frame a circular mirror and essentially create a flower crown to get this flower wreath. If you’re unsure which flowers go well with that, try to buy decorative flowers that are in a set already. But if you want to make the one on the photo above, check out this tutorial for instructions.

Abalone Mosaic Mirror

Abalone Mosaic Mirror

There’s something about abalone shells that evoke either something spiritual or relaxing. But you don’t need to get abalone for this one—just old CDs! If you have scratched or broken ones sitting around in your storage boxes, why not use it to give that extra oomph to your old mirror frames? Plus, since its colors are reflective and unique, you don’t need to paint another color over it. This design is perfect for master bathrooms and hallways. Get inspired here.

Fake Window Mirror

Fake Window Mirror

If you want to have a mirror that truly blends in your space and works with other furniture in the room, you may want to consider making this. This design is popularly known to be available in Pottery Barn, and crafters have tried their hand at making a more affordable version. It’s a bit more time consuming than the rest of the projects, but the results will be worth your while! If you’re ready to get your hands crafting, you can find the DIY steps here.

Spice Up Your Space with Mirrors

Decorating your home with DIY pieces can both be fulfilling and stress-relieving! Any of the ideas above are sure to give your mirrors and living spaces the boost it needs to transform the area into what you set your vision into. Which one was your favorite? Sound off in the comments below.


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