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Google Speed Update and How It Will Effect SEO

Google, the search engine giant, recently announced the newest update to its algorithm system for 2018. The new algorithm will introduce a new ranking system for their mobile version. Google has given their new update the name “Speed Update”, and we can safely say that because of the impact that this update will have on the slow loading mobile page speed it is aptly named. The new ranking factor within this update will ensure SEO Optimization better a better experience for users who browse slow loading pages and face difficulty. The update, however, will only affect a minimal percentage of web queries and not the general search engine. The ranking factor will apply the same algorithmic standard to all the pages that give a slow user experience, regardless of the technology used to build the web page. The ultimate goal is to provide a fast-paced browsing environment for users because certain sites have amazing content but lack the modern specifications required for a website. The new update will tackle that particular issue.

It does not come as a huge surprise that Google had announced this update. It has been fairly active in placing emphasis on their mobile platform development, focusing on issues like page loading speed and relevant website content. It was 2016 when Google released their Mobile-First Index platform with the sole purpose of improving displays for mobile web pages and accuracy of content displayed on SERPs.

What is the big deal with optimization anyway?

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Since most of the modern-day searches are primarily made via smartphones, having an SEO-based mobile site is crucial for a successful online business. It becomes particularly crucial for companies who are in the field of SEO Optimization. Everywhere around the world, people are using their mobile phones to surf the internet and perform internet searches, so it only makes sense that your website is optimized and ready for mobile search. This optimization is important regardless of whether your website deals with e-commerce, directories, blogs content or whatever – if you want your content to rank better in Google’s SERPs, then you need to ensure that your website is mobile friendly and responsive. The speed is also a particular issue because if your site takes more than three seconds to load, the user will leave the page which in turn will affect your website’s traffic. If you are running a company that provides affordable digital marketing services and your site takes some time to load, you are going to have a major problem in gaining traffic.

The importance of  SEO optimization across multi-channels

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The previous section of this article talked at length about focusing our efforts on making our site more responsive and SEO-friendly, but that is not all there is to it. You must not overthink mobile so much that you forget about the other channel for driving traffic – the desktop. For more detailed actions and advanced purchases, many people still prefer to use desktops and laptops for browsing the internet. It becomes imperative, as a result, to diversify your SEO Optimization efforts using a multi-channel approach. Your SEO strategy should be designed in such a manner that it both engages the audience connected to the internet using a number of devices. For this, you need to consider both user flow and user experience which will be different on each platform that you use. All in all, you need to ensure that your website health in the context of technical SEO is excellent if you want traction.

There is a ton of statistical data available on the internet that shows how much traffic the e-commerce business generates from its mobile version, but there is always a problem with the conversion rates. Users still prefer desktops over the mobile version for higher order purchases and transactions.

Therefore, it is important to keep a sharp eye on your website analytics tools to check the split between people who use mobile phones versus people who prefer desktop devices more when they are planning to visit your website. Upon checking the statistics, your next best course of action would be to optimize your site accordingly.

How will the speed algorithm update affect your SEO?

  1. It will make you optimize your page speed for both mobile and desktop.

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This is pretty obvious and looks that way as well but it is important nonetheless. The most important thing you need to do is to test your page’s speed for load time and responsiveness. Online tools like PageSpeedInsights will help you test your website speed across a range of devices and browsers. It will also provide you with an analysis on how to improve your site. Another good tool is TestMySite which will help you in checking page speed and provide analysis.

    2. It will ensure that your site is mobile friendly

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Ideally, your SEO Optimization strategy should ensure that there is a version of your site that is available for the mobile platform as well. A good responsive design to your website is probably your best bet if you are going to engage in SEO Optimization. It is up to you how you design your website, but bear in mind that your website interface must be designed in such a way so that only finger navigation will work. When it comes to UX on the phone, scrolling and tapping is the best option.

    3. It will make you focus more on local optimization

This Google update has been extremely impactful on the locally based search algorithm and mobile search queries that have become important for businesses who wish to drive traffic. Go to Google’s business listings and search for local keywords that will help you in your site optimization strategy.

With Google’s new update it has now become more important than ever to understand user behaviors and create strategies that help you to adapt quickly.

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