How to enter Credit Card charges in QuickBooks?

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Credit Card charges in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a software that is there to help you manage the accounting of your organisation. Not only big businesses QuickBooks Desktop software also supports small, mid-sized organisations and even the freelancers.

There are specific reasons why QuickBooks Desktop software is so widely regarded by all the different accountants or bookkeeping are the kind of support and after-sales services that they provide is just unmatchable.

Talking about the different functions and features that the software has is commendable. With QuickBooks desktop software, you can easily reconcile QuickBooks, manage taxation, write off bad debts in QuickBooks and much more.

In this detailed post, you will get to know more about how to enter Credit Card charges in QuickBooks. So please read this next segment very carefully so that you can quickly join the costs efficiently.

Enter Credit Card charges in QuickBooks?

To enter Credit Card charges in QuickBooks, you can do it by these two ways which are given below. Please review the two different steps and try to apply them accordingly:

To enter the credit card transactions using the given Plus icon, follow the given means:

  • Please go to the Plus icon given at the top of your screen.
  • Now under the Vendors section, click on Expense.
  • After that, select a payee and then choose Credit Card on the Bank account.
  • Now you need to fill out the necessary information in the Account details.
  • Now you can Tap on Save and Close it.

If you follow all these steps correctly, you can enter the credit card charges in QuickBooks. However, if you’re still not able to figure it out by following the first method, you can always jump on to the next method.

To enter the credit card transactions using the Chart of Accounts method, follow the given means:

  • Please go to the Accounting Section at the left on your screen.
  • Now look for the Credit Card account and then click on the View Register link.
  • After that, click on the given Add expense drop-down menu and tap on the specific transaction type.
  • Now please enter the information that is required.
  • After that, tap on Save.

By following all these given means, you can quickly enter the credit card transactions using the chart of accountant methods.

These are the two different methods that will help you enter the credit card charges in QuickBooks. Keep in mind that you always reconcile QuickBooks irrespective of whichever way that you use from the above.


In conclusion, QuickBooks is software that has many functions and features that help you to manage the accounts and books of your organisation. Not only that the software is so easy that if you give it a go you can learn it yourself that will result in saving a lot of money and time.

From the time the software got launched, it’s been on the top, and the reason behind that is the kind of services that they provide and the regular updates to be relevant is one of the many crucial things that they regularly work on also it help you with some errors or bugs that you might face while using the software.

Talking about the different features to enter credit card charges in the QuickBooks Desktop software is one of them. To enter credit card charges in QuickBooks is one of them also please make sure that you must reconcile QuickBooks once you are done with entering credit card charges.

The whole motive of this post is to make you aware of how can you enter the credit card charges in QuickBooks, and you can easily do it by the given two methods above please give that a careful read and you are good to go. Hope you find this article informative and worth your time.


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