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Escaping from the Filing Cabinet

The way that we handle documents and files has changed dramatically, since offices first began and records started being kept. There are, however, companies, individuals, and businesses that still rely on paper storage systems to manage company data and records. In the era of digital storage, there are many benefits to moving away from the filing cabinet and into cloud technologies. This article considers the benefits of escaping paper filing systems.


Many people think that storing information in a hard format is a more secure way of keeping data, because they can lock it away in their offices. This is actually, in many ways, the opposite of the truth. Storing paper files within your office means that you will necessarily have to dispose of these at some point, and doing so can expose you to risks. Shredding paper may make it more secure, but having a hard copy of information, in the first place, simply exposes you to risks of identity theft and fraud.

When utilising digital document management solutions, however, the information will be closely guarded at all times, and can be destroyed without a trace when the time comes. Encryption and digital security systems can keep your information far safer than a lock on a door or filing cabinet.

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The safety of your information is often paramount for businesses, and it is often at risk within offices. If you were to lose all of your business records, then this would likely be devastating to your practices and trade. A filing cabinet may seem like a good way to keep documents safe, but all it takes is a fire to occur and the entire records of your business will be destroyed.

On the other hand, if you use digital storage systems that are housed offsite, part of the service that you are paying for is a backup system that ensures your documents will never be lost.


Less sensitive data, which is stored in filing cabinets, has one huge restriction that relates to its geographical location. Within a business that uses physical filing, if you want to find something, then you will have to go back to the office and dig it out from the archives. This can be a strenuous process, and if you need information quickly, it can be very limiting.

Utilising cloud services, however, will enable you to completely eliminate this problem and give your staff access to the information they need, wherever they are. Cloud systems allow businesses to make their records accessible to employees, so that there will never be delays in finding the necessary information. Ensure you back any systems up with quality business IT support.

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The final benefit of storing information digitally, instead of physically, is that it allows you to save both space and money. Instead of employing staff to complete filing work and wasting cash on storage space, embracing the digital systems can free you of these costly burdens. With digital storage, each staff member can be made responsible for saving his or her own work in the correct place, and this can greatly reduce the burden of filing. Digital data storage is very easy to organise and comes at a far lower cost than physical storage.

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