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Helping New Staff Settle In

Even during the best of times, it is indeed challenging to settle into a new job, but usually, all you need to do is offer your new hires a little help to have them settle right in, and obviously, the sooner they are feeling comfortable, the sooner you can expect to see their best performance. The following looks at some of the ways to help your new staff get settled in.


One of the easiest ways to have your new staff settle in is to explain to them exactly what is going on in your business, as well as what you are hoping their role will be, and one of the best ways to do this is by holding a concise and informative induction process. Your induction should be long enough to carefully explain everything of importance, from your business intelligence systems to your plans for the future, plus to answer any questions that your new hires may have, and many businesses have found that a combined in-person/online induction is most effective.


Everyone feels a little nervous and awkward when they start a new job, but usually, all it takes for most people to settle right in is to get to know some of the other people working there, so help encourage this process by making a point of introducing your new hires to everyone.

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It can be a nice touch to present your new staff with welcome packages and include items such as a gift card for the local coffee shop, new stationery, or even some gourmet food or wine. Your package will be a thoughtful way to get them settled in, feeling welcome, and even familiar with the local area.


Sometimes, merely introducing your new hires won’t be enough to have them settle in, especially if they are more reserved or shy types, so it can be a good idea to get them teamed up with one of your other staff straight away, and working on a project together. Working closely with someone from day one will ensure that your new hire gets to know at least one person, and the more you can prevent them from feeling isolated at work, the better chance of them settling in and starting to do a good job.


While it is a good idea to keep an eye on your new employees as they are settling in, it is important that you aren’t there watching over their shoulder all the time, because this will make it harder for them to settle in, and will likely just make them nervous. If you were impressed enough to offer them the job, you should trust your judgment and give them a chance to settle in and start to prove themselves.

Although you should certainly ensure that you are available to answer questions and are offering support, no one likes an overbearing boss, and if you are one, you may be making it more likely that new staff will quit, rather than settle in.

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