Mesh WiFi Router 2019

Factor For Choosing the Best Mesh WiFi Router

You need a better internet connection for that you need a good WIFI router. A good WIFI router will enhance your experience with the internet and used its full features. Sometimes the user tends to used different devices at the same time as smartphones, personal computers and laptops. Depend upon the environment in which you work, either its workplace or home network you need a better connection with better WIFI router to enjoy the full usage of the internet.

It’s a new era. Along the traditional routers, mesh wifi router are a hot topic these days. The comes with a router and a satellite which helps in extending the signals along the house.

How will you choose a Router, will depend upon your budget, you need to see those features in every router which are following.


You work in an office or you used the internet at home, see how far will you have to connect to the internet and for that reason the antenna on the router will be considered the first option.

If you are far away from the connection area with walls, glass, and floors you need a router with better antenna technology so you can connect easily.

There are different types of Router having antenna. Some Router has external one or two antennae and some Router have internal Antennas.

If the distance for connectivity is a large used Router which has External antennas and if the distance is less used router with internet antennas. External Antenna Router is Somewhat expensive than others.


messh Dual Band

Frequencies which are different than other technological devices around the router effects the connectivity option. How’re that works, the Bluetooth devices, wireless mouse and keyboards, microwaves all have their own frequencies which can alter the connectivity of the router.

For that, you need to have a good dual band WIFI router more the 2.4Ghz which must be 5GHZ. Such Router having higher frequency connectivity option will connect faster than others.

USB Port

Sometimes user needs a direct connection with the Router to share content with the internet without the connection of the laptop, smartphones or PC. For that option, the user must check the router can support a USB connection.

For the router have a USB port on it which can help the user to share the content with the router. Sometime the user may not have access to the direct connection of internet but they have a dongle USB which can support internet connection but don’t have a WIFI option. For that reason, the user can connect USB with the Router and enjoy full connection of internet.

The user must check the specification on the Router that its compatible with Dongle USB system or not.


Security features should be considered while choosing a WIFI router. You want a private connection that only you can be connected or it’s a public connection for all, that all came under the security section. For this reason, the Router offers a different option like WPA, WPA2, WAP connection and all these connection helps the user to change the visibility option of the internet connection and make it private or hidden.

Some Router also supports parental control system which is useful for parents to converge the focus of children on their studies and limited the use of internet connection to the children by adding the time lapses and sleep time or dinner time to the Routers.

Those Router which has more security option are more expensive than those who offer less.

Speed Router

mesh Speed Router 2019

If all option goes well but the speed of the Router is not satisfactory as it should be then the router is no good. The speed of Router range from different option like 300MBPs, 600MBPs, 900MBPs, 1800MBPs, and so on. Your usage of the internet is more then get a router with the high-speed option which helps the user to stream online music, movies, sports, files etc. 

The speed of the Router has something to do with the back-internet connection, if the connection is too good then the user should use a high-speed router to enjoy full feature of the internet.


Some Router is more expensive then other so if you buy an expensive Router and enjoying its full features but the brand does not give you an option of warranty/G then maybe its too expensive then its price. Technology cannot be trusted, it brings a lot of issues that can be solved only technically. The User who buys a good Router must consider its Warranty/G options to safeguard its investment.

After sale services

Some Router is hard to install by a user its self and he/she will need assistance from the brand to installing the Router for them. The user must consider the after-sale services given by the company so if there are technical or hardware issue came it can be solved instantly by just a call.

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