Clear Out Blocked Drainage System

4 Unique ways You Never Think Off to Clear Out Blocked Drainage System

Know how to coup with the Block drain system and keep your home or office from water logging. These tips will help you to keep you home dry and clean.

Clogged drainage systems are certainly the most common hindrances faced by almost all the house owners.  Perhaps this is the prime reason for which you may require help from plumbing experts, as blockages can happen when they are least expected. 

As a matter of fact, it is not because of solid waste that accumulated in the pipe. The clog that is causing the main problem now, the process actually started a long time ago with gradual cluttering of slush inside the pipe. Once the layer started to form it slowly thicken the internal space of the pipe, which in turn restricts the easy flow of wastewater. 

However, following some simple technique, you can easily clean the clogged pipe. Therefore, here are some simple ways to deal with the blocked drains.

Use Homemade Cleaner

Use Homemade Cleaner

You can create a drain cleaner at your home by using the Bakingsoda and white vinegar. All you need to do pour the soda into the pipe and then pour vinegar on it. Cover the opening of the drain, so that, you can prevent the mixture from coming out of the pipe. It’s an effective mixture to clean the blockage of the drain, however, you may need to use the mixture 2-3 times to completely clear out the drain. 

Use the Tool

A plunger is the best tool to clear a blocked pipe. But, make sure you are prepared to tackle an overflow, just before you start the plunging. It actually creates an up and down pressure which is very effective to clear out any blockage in the pipe and allows a smooth flow again. 

Power Rodding

It’s basically a plumbing technology this is an advanced tool designed to clean not only the blockage but also the entire pipes. This is a thin metal thread which plumber use to reach the clog point in the pipe. At the edge of the rod, there’s a metal sharp blade to cut through the clog and make it clear again. An electric motor attached to the rod enables the speed rotation and with the help of the blade it clears out the clogged space. 

Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting

It is another tool used by the plumbers to wash the blocked drain. Even you can use this, it basically allows you to through strong water forced into the pipe. The water force pushes the dirt out of the drain and makes way for proper water flow. For a fact, this process is much safer then snaking; however, this process is not as effective as a snake for the purpose of cleaning solid blockage. 

These are the possible methods or technique you can use to clean the drain. Although the processes are nothing serious that you can’t perform them on your own, taking an expert professional help to clean the blocked drains in North Shore would be more prominent for a better result. 

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