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A New Zealand-Canadian actress, yes we are talking about Anna Paquin. She is known for her acting in the HBO series “True Blood”. Anna was born in Manitoba.

A New Zealand-Canadian actress, yes we are talking about Anna Paquin. She is known for her acting in the HBO series “True Blood”. Anna was born in Manitoba. She was brought up in Wellington, New Zealand. But during her youth she moved to Los Angeles. Let’s take a look at amazing facts about Anna Paquin.

Full Name

Not many people know that her full name is Anna Helene Paquin.

Date of Birth

Anna was born on July 24, 1989 in Canada. At the age of four she moved with her family to New Zealand.

Family Background

Both parents of Anna are teachers of English and Physical Education respectively. She has two older siblings. is the younger sister of Katya and Andrew. Katya is married to the famous co-leader of New Zealand’s Green party named Russel Norman. Andrew is a director.

Her interests as a kid

As a kid, Anna had many interests such as downhill skiing, cello, piano, swimming, gymnastics, ballet and viola. She also wanted to become the Prime Minister of New Zealand or a lawyer.

Played as Flora McGrath

Perhaps, you may not know that played the role of Flora McGrath in the play “The Piano”. This romantic play was produced by Jane Champion. had very little acting experience because she was a kid then. However, this experience was enough to earn her Academy Award for “Best supporting Actress”.

Her School

completed her primary education from Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School until she was nine. She began her secondary education in Wellington Girls’ College. Her parents parted ways during her study so she moved to the United States with her mother where she completed her diploma from High School in L.A.

Graduated from Windward School

In 2000, Anna Paquin graduated from windward School. works in a soup kitchen and in an Education Centre to fulfill the school’s Community Service requirement.

Anna joined Columbia University but left it after one year to pursue her career in

Second Youngest Oscar Winner

As mentioned above Anna Paquin played in The Piano. She won an Oscar and became the second youngest Oscar winning star. Anna was only 11 years old when she worked in Jane’s romantic film.

In 1996, was casted in two movies. Her first role was as a young girl Jane in the movie Jane Eyre. In the second movie Fly Away Home Anna played the lead

On stage acting

In 2001, Anna appeared on stage for the very first time for the play The Glory of Living.

She also acted in a biopic

acted in a CBS television biopic where she portrayed Irena Sendler. The name of the biopic was The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler.

Cameo Role

In 2011, Anna played a cameo role next to Kristin Bell in Scream 4. She also worked in cooperation with Katie Holmes and Josh Duhamel in the movie “The Romantics”.

First TV Role

Anna Paquin is best known for her first TV role in HBO series True Blood. She won a Golden Globe award for “Best Actress” in 2008. Though is brown-haired, throughout the series she dyed her hair blonde.

Married to Stephen Moyer

She met with Stephen on the set of True Blood. They got married on August 21st, 2010 in Malibu.

She is bisexual

In a recent public announcement we came to know that is bisexual.

Anna’s Kids

Anna is step mother to Stephen’s kids Lilac and Billy. However, she is a mother to twins.

Charity Work

donated $10, 000 in charity when in a bet she successfully threw basketball in hoop. She also supports Make a Wish Foundation.

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