Fetch, Tug, or Chew: Matching the Right Toy to Your Dog’s Play Style

P0Dog toys are a source of joy for your pups. They jump at the sight of a new toy and get pretty attached to the toys they already have. These toys satisfy the instinct dogs have like chewing, hunting, seeking, etc. The genes of the dogs, their personalities, and their individual preferences might be what can help you choose the best one for them. Toys are important for keeping up your loving pup’s mood and health too. 

Type Of Pooch Decides Which Is The Best Toy For Your Dog’s Play Time

Dog personalities are an important determiner that decides which type of toy would be the best pick for them. Different breeds have different tendencies that decide their favorites in the category of dog toys


If your dog is an avid chewer and digs its teeth in almost everything, you can offer him much fun and save much of your furniture by giving it the right toys. Chewers are breeds like Boxers, Labradors, and Beagles. Chewing tendency also depends on the personality of pups. The best chew dog toys are the ones that offer maximum safety for their teeth and help them release any tension.  


Belgian Malinois, Collies, Bully breeds, and Terriers, are often fans of tugging games. Due to their high energy levels and winning instinct, they try to keep a hold of the tug toy and not give it away easily. If your pooch falls in this category, you must choose dog toys like tug toys and rope toys.

Fond of Stuff Toys

Plush toys or soft toys can be a favorite of affectionate breeds like Shih Tzu, Maltese, and the like. These breeds tend to get attached to their toys. Plush toys could also be the favorite of hounds who like to hunt instinctively. They thus play with smaller or squeaky toys that look like other animals. These playthings for dogs are also suitable for crate training; they can be left with your furry friend during the crate hours. 



Hunting dogs like Golden Retrievers, Beagles, German Shepherds, and the like, are particularly fond of fetch dog toys. Examples are dog balls, fetch sticks, and frisbees. Whether they get the space indoors or outdoors, the moment you play fetch with them, they are all alert and on the go.

Intelligent Pooch

Intelligent breeds like Golden Retriever, Poodle, and Shetland Sheepdog could have a great play time with interactive toys. Puzzle toys and interactive treat toys can keep them engaged for hours and give you some free time.


Whatever your dog’s style and temperament is, a treat dispenser never fails to please them and keep them super-engaged. It is essential for all. Thus as we see the list is long and there is nearly something for everyone. 

Choosing The Right Dog Toys

In addition to their instincts and aptitudes, choosing the right a vast variety of styles and could need the consideration of a few additional features. Keeping in mind your adorable pup, these will ensure its safety and comfort. 

  • Size- Choosing the right size of toys for dogs is imperative. All breed sizes are different, and their build and jaws are different. Larger breeds may need bigger, robust toys whereas smaller breeds may prefer softer, and small-sized ones. Additionally, too small sizes of toys can lead to choking hazards for your pooch. Thus avoid them. 
  • Texture- The texture comes next when considering the best pal for your pup’s playtime. For puppies that are growing, we need soft-textured toys; we do not want to hurt their teeth or disturb their teething process. Rubber, nylon, or fabric textures suit them, and keep their teeth engaged and gums soothed. 
  • Durability- For vigorous chewers, you will need durable play toys made from tough materials. Well-supported seams and tough construction are also important considerations. An indestructible toy is a myth. However, ones designed for avid chewers must be strong enough to keep your strong pup entertained. 
  • Quality- Needless to say, you want high-quality, safe, and non-toxic dog toys. They mean the world to you and high-quality toys mean safety and health for them.

Many dogs love to fetch, many like to tug, and many like to play with plush toys. Our intelligent friends may like interactive ones. Whatever the case, they must have toys for their physical and mental well-being. Based on their interests, you will need to choose various toys. You can get quality toys in a vast variety and styles at Dog Friendly Co.

In Conclusion

We have preferences for our loved possessions. So do our furry friends. Dogs like different styles, types, and materials when it comes to dog toys. You know them well and depending on their temperament, must make the best choice. It could lead to hours of engagement and fun for them.  

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