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How to Treat Flea in Your Puppy

Treating fleas is never an easy task if you have got pets in your house. Unfortunately, it would be more difficult when getting rid of fleas in your Flea Puppy because they are too young to tolerate the flea products. So, how to treat fleas on your pets? Find out the answer in this article below. 

Treat fleas on your puppy

Flea Puppy pet

The puppy’s body is the ideal environment for fleas because it’s warm and humid which is easy to suck blood. There is no safe flea treatment for puppies because their organs are more sensitive the adult dog which can be caused the side effects easier. Some side effects would be excessive diarrhea, vomiting or respiratory problems. In some anti-flea products’ label, they’re not recommended for puppies. You should avoid using products containing Permethrin as they are not safe for puppies. Due to the weak metabolism, it is difficult for puppies to decompose Permethrin and it can accumulate in the Flea Puppy body then cause nerve damage, numbness or even convulsions. 

Bathe your puppy with warm water

puppy with warm water pet

Because there are no medicines to treat fleas for your Flea Puppy, the only way is bathing them. Put your puppy in a sink of warm water and wet it totally. After that, take your dog out of the sink and put him in a warm and clean towel. Gently dry your dog. You can use the flea comb to brush the dog hair when it’s still wet. You start brushing from the neck. Brush the hair until all fleas are removed. 

Keep puppies away from bedding or pets that are infected with fleas

You should keep puppies in a flea-free environment after removing the fleas. Do not spray flea bombs on puppy hair. You should isolate the puppy from its mom or bedding that has not been treated with fleas. 

As the puppy grows, its body can handle the anti-flea elements in the medicine and the medicine becomes safer for it. You must always follow the instructions on the label to know the specific age that puppies are allowed to use. 

Treat fleas for puppy’s mother

Treat puppy’s mother pet

If puppies are infected with fleas, their mother will probably also be infected too. Therefore, you need to treat fleas on the mother dog to prevent re-infection of the Flea Puppy. 

Although flea medicines can be used for mother dog, it is necessary to choose carefully. If the mother is breastfeeding, some of the chemicals can be introduced into the Flea Puppy and cause illness. 

Avoid using Fipronil and Spinosad because it is not safe for lactating dogs

Some flea-specialized ingredients are not safe for pregnant or lactating dogs. Therefore, you should read the label carefully or consult a veterinarian to avoid using the medicine containing these ingredients. 

Treat fleas in the outside environment

Adult fleas often find hosts for parasites. The female fleas lay eggs on soft objects such as carpets and cushions. And it is very hard to find the eggs because they can stay quiet for years until they find a suitable host. When eggs hatch, larvae and pupae develop on carpet or bedding and complete the life cycle to become adult fleas. Therefore, you need to get rid of eggs or larvae hiding in dog bedding, carpets, and sofas if you want to prevent the risk of the flea on your dog and Flea Puppy.

Spray pesticides containing Permethrin such as Staykill or RIP fleas to kill fleas on rugs and other fabric items. The Permethrin component in the spray works by paralyzing the nervous system, inhibiting muscle function and ultimately killing insects. Insects are not capable of decomposing pyrethroids like mammals, so they are very sensitive to the effects of the drug. Make sure to keep your Flea Puppy, other pets and children out of the room before spraying. After spraying, open the window to blow away the drug residue from the room. 

These steps above can help you treat fleas on your puppy safely and make it flea-free. If you have other effective ways, do not hesitate to share with us!

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