Films Affect Our Psyche

How Films Affect Our Psyche

Watching a movie for us is a way to relax and have fun. We do not think that they can seriously affect us. However, when cinemas just appeared, people were more suspicious. For example, 105 years ago, the Lyon authorities banned the screening of any films that feature criminal offenses. And this is not such a strange decision since there are cases when criminal pictures gave birth to real followers. Let’s see how films can affect our psyche. And if you want to find out everything discussed in this article by yourself, you can do this on


Many people think that watching light comedies is a waste of time. Psychologists will not agree with them here. Spending the evening at the comedy, we laugh a lot, and our body produces endorphins, which are hormones of joy. Studies show that this helps to get rid of stress, strengthens the immune system, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system and is still of great benefit to the body. Therefore, do not blame yourself for the evening spent on humor.


From this point of view, it may seem that dramas and tragedies are contraindicated to watch. But actually, it is not. The tragic plots upset us, making us empathize with the heroes. We can even cry on especially difficult moments. But to be sad at someone else’s expense is also useful. After crying over the Titanic, we get rid of our own negative emotions and hidden fears. The ancient Greeks believed that tragedies help viewers achieve catharsis. Empathizing with the actors, they are cleansed and exalted spiritually.


Romantic movies are the best choice for a date. They increase the production of hormones responsible for love and attraction. And our body gets rid of stress hormones. During the experiment, scientists found that when watching the Bridges of Madison County, the audience increased the amount of progesterone in their blood by 10%.

Horror Films

From a psychological point of view, this is the most controversial genre. At first glance, it seems that it only harms us. Indeed, horror can increase a person’s level of anxiety, cause insomnia and even phobias.

However, horror films are not only harmful but also useful. Through scary stories, people learned to cope with their fears. In addition, viewing such a picture is something like dipping into an ice hole. Viewers get stress, which generally has a beneficial effect on the body. Fear in moderate doses speeds up metabolism, improves brain nutrition, and strengthens resistance to diseases.


Adventure films awake the spirit of adventurism in the audience. Of course, it is unlikely that after watching the Pirates of the Caribbean we will go for treasures. But we may buy tickets to Cuba, find a new hobby, or at least go to the city park. In general, we will try to diversify our life.


The influence of films on humans is studied by many psychologists. The London psychotherapist Bernie Wooder has even developed such a direction as film therapy. In his opinion, for every psychological problem, you can choose a film that will help to release and solve it.

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