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Wedding event management is an overwhelming process so make sure your wedding event organisers know exactly what you have in mind to avoid any confusion later.

Indian weddings are steeped in tradition and culture. Everything, from when the wedding date is decided to the ceremonies and when the bride enters her new house, is based on auspicious muhurat timing, therefore it's critical that the couple's wedding date is also auspicious. Make sure you book a wedding event planner in advance. Wedding event management is an overwhelming process so make sure your wedding event organisers know exactly what you have in mind to avoid any confusion later. From food to decor everything is grand in wedding event management India. 

Picking a wedding date is not a standardised process in India; some adhere to the Hindu calendar, others to long weekends, and still others to the type of wedding desired, such as a summer wedding, winter wedding, or even a monsoon wedding. Some couples choose a wedding date based on the advice of their spiritual gurus, pandits, or maulvis.

We created a wedding calendar for the year 2023 after considering all of the possibilities. This wedding calendar for 2023 will feature not just the Hindu Wedding Calendar's Saaya days or Shubh Muhurats, but also our recommended marriage dates when you can host your wedding ceremony. Continue reading to learn more!


Saya Dates

15th January 2023 (Sunday)

18th January 2023 (Wednesday)

20th January 2023 (Friday)

25th January 2023 (Wednesday)

26th January 2023 (Thursday)

27th January 2023 (Friday)

30th January 2023 (Monday)

Efactor4u Recommends

1st January 2023 (Sunday) – New Year

13th January 2023 (Friday) – Lohri

Full Moon Dates

6th January 2023 (Friday)


Saya Dates

6th February 2023 (Monday)

7th February 2023 (Tuesday)

12th February 2023 (Sunday)

13th February 2023 (Monday)

16th February 2023 (Thursday)

27th February 2023 (Monday)

EFactor4u Recommends

18th February 2023 (Saturday) – Mahashivratri
14th February 2023 (Tuesday) – Valentine’s Day

Full Moon Dates

5th February 2023 (Sunday)


Saya Dates

6th March 2023 (Monday)

9th March 2023 (Thursday)

11th March 2023 (Saturday)

13th March 2023 (Monday)

EFactor4u Recommends

8th March 2023 (Wednesday) – Holi

30th March 2023 (Thursday) – Ram Navami

Full Moon Dates

7th March 2023 (Tuesday)


EFactor4u Recommends

7th April 2023 (Friday) – Good Friday

8th April 2023 (Saturday) – Holy Saturday

9th April 2023 (Sunday) – Easter

22nd April 2023 (Saturday) – Earth Day

Full Moon Dates

5th April 2023 (Wednesday)

5. MAY

Saya Dates

3rd June 2023 (Wednesday)

6th May 2023 (Saturday)

8th May 2023 (Monday)

9th May 2023 (Tuesday)

10th May 2023 (Wednesday)

11th May 2023 (Thursday)

15th May 2023 (Monday)

16th May 2023 (Tuesday)


Saya Dates

1st June 2023 (Thursday)

3rd June 2023 (Saturday)

5th June 2023 (Monday)

6th June 2023 (Tuesday)

7th June 2023 (Wednesday)

11th June 2023 (Sunday)

12th June 2023 (Monday)

23rd June 2023 (Friday)

26th June 2023 (Monday)

EFactor4u Recommends

21st June 2023 (Wednesday) – Summer Equinox



EFactor4u India Recommends

6th August 2023 (Sunday) – Friendship Day

13th August 2023 (Sunday) – Independence Weekend

14th August 2023 (Monday) – Independence Weekend

15h August 2023 (Tuesday) – Independence Day


EFactor4u  Recommends

19th September 2023 (Tuesday) – Ganesh Chaturthi


EFactor4u Recommends

21st October 2023 (Saturday) – Saptami

22nd October 2023 (Sunday) – Maha Ashtami

23rd October 2023 (Monday) – Navami

24th October 2023 (Tuesday) – Dussehra


Saya Dates

23rd November 2023 (Thursday)

27th November 2023 (Monday)

28th November 2023 (Tuesday)

29th November 2023 (Wednesday)

EFactor4u Recommends

12th November 2023 (Sunday) – Diwali 


Saya Dates

6th December 2023 (Wednesday)

7th December 2023 (Thursday)

9th December 2023 (Saturday)

15th December 2023 (Friday)

EFactor4u Recommends

25th December 2023 (Monday) – Christmas Day

31st December 2023 (Sunday) – New Year

Full Moon Dates

26th December 2023 (Tuesday)

You want your wedding to go off without a hitch. Everything from the bridal entry song to the car you choose for the Baraat is important in making your wedding a success. It is a fairytale event, and to make it perfect, you must start on the right foot, which is by visiting a Pandit or someone who is familiar with the Hindu wedding calendar to assist you pick an excellent wedding date. The goal of this Hindu Wedding Calendar 2023 is to help you pick which of these dates works best for you and start arranging your wedding right now!


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