Writing a thesis is not so easy, it may be the most defined things one does during an academic journey.

A dissertation is a document created during the course of professional qualification. Dissertation not only presents the author’s research, but also the findings pertaining to a particular subject.

The process of writing it may take anywhere from 2 to 3 months to over a year. The dissertation writing services do not result, much beneficial as they are expensive and are not handy. These days, there are numerous tools and resources are literally at your fingertips. Here are five of our favorites.

1. BibMe

BibMe is a dissertation writing tool that has been handy over the years for all those who need a solution to make their dissertation writing more perfect. This online tool lessens the hassle while building the bibliographies. It is a popular tool that results beneficial for keeping track of everything when the writer uses a book or an information source. Once the writer is done, all it needs is to just download the referencing style list. For generating a perfect and quick bibliography BibMe is an ideal tool. One can also use this without downloading it. At the time of reference, this tool results best. It also teaches different types of academic writing and formatting styles.


2. Evernote

There is no doubt in saying that taking notes is an essential part of academic writing. Once the plan is ready, a writer will then need to start doing the research. The research here involves a lot of reading and taking notes. As the dissertation takes a lot of time, and at different times, a writer will find themselves doing the work for the dissertation on different devices. Evernote is a specially designed tool to give the users a platform where they can create text, audio notes, photo, and then synchronize them easily across their various devices.

Evernote WRITING

3. Canva

As a dissertation is mostly writing, but well-executed imagery of a writer idea is always welcome. This tool is best for those, who need help in presenting their ideas in an attractive overall layout, as well as presentation. The numerous templates and tools on this dissertation tool can help the users to create relevant imagery to accompany their dissertation. Canva is a tool that provides several templates, along with the tools to customize the complete project. For combining the illustrations and diagrams to the work with effectively displaying the appropriate material, Canva is very helpful.

Side Note: You can get rid of this fear of Writing (reproducing in your own words, the relationship between foreign and own and
the corresponding marking including fear of plagiarism) you can always use a paraphrasing tool.

Canva writing

4. SpellCheckPlus

SpellCheckPlus is an editing tool. It is a free tool for writing a dissertation and also has an upgrade option, in which the user gets some new features. SpellCheckPlus includes an amazing feature of feedback. With the help of this feature, the user can easily make improvements in their current project, and can also use the grammar feature, for making it error free. For all those who want to ensure that their grammar is prolific, SpellCheck Plus is one of the best online writing tools. SpellCheckPlus categorizes everything for easier understanding, thats why something ought to be corrected.

5. ThinkWell

ThinkWell is a tool that helps a lot in dissertation writing. It is an ideal tool for students who are working on their thesis and are taking classes. This tool act as a dissertation team. It provides logistic support to design custom schedules while keeping in mind the objectives which need to be achieved.

So with such amazing features and pros, we can say that the above-mentioned tools are some of the best one for dissertation writing. These tools don’t only have the ability to make dissertation writing easy, but also can result useful in daily usage. Whenever it comes to writing they can easily be used.

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