Fortigate Next Generation Firewall Delivers Optimum Digital Protection

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) are powerful performers with high security and strong visibility to protect against security threats with simplicity. They are equipped with multiple security processors to facilitate top-tier protection against breaches and attacks, in addition to enabling SSL-encrypted traffic performance.

Advanced security features are implemented in order to protect data and keep organizations safe from unwarranted breaches. Features such as deep-packet inspections, intrusion detection and prevention (IPS), application control, malware detection and enhanced network visibility through encrypted traffic inspection. NGFWs can be implemented on a private or public cloud environment, and can be located from on-premise network edges to internal boundaries as well.

NGFWs are designed to quickly and intelligently determine threats by means of supervision over IoT devices, uses as well as applications. Protection is provided over the following breaches to security:

  1. Malicious sites & botnets
  2. Ransomware & unknown attacks
  3. Exploits & encrypted malware

NGFWs provide high performing services in intense environments, such as hyperscale data centers, in order to segment, inspect and secure locally hosted data and workloads at network speeds.

There is a requirement for integration of security tools and devices in order to function in even the most demanding network environments. Complex network infrastructures and threat landscapes call for Security Fabric integration, which combines simplistic, unified management, granular control, broad visibility and centralized compliance capabilities to protect attack surfaces with a straightforward and intuitive approach.

Fortinet NGFW is the only NGFW in the industry which integrates access proxy capabilities in order to establish zero trust network access, which allows organizations to host applications anywhere with consistent policy controls to facilitate hybrid workforce models with enhanced user experience.

With a networking environment in today’s world, things are more complex, complicated and dynamic than ever. Rather than risking borderless network structures, there is now a porous network integrity with endpoints & access points multiplying at rates never experienced before. This demands various capabilities, such as high intensity decryption, deep packet inspection post decryption, malicious URL detection, malware download, threat correlation and command and control activities detection. Therefore, there is a requirement for high-end NGFWs such as Fortinet’s NGFW to guarantee security span across the organization’s network.

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