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Top 7 Basic Environmentally Friendly Appliances For Your Home

Businesses around the country are now doing their part to be eco-friendlier. One good example is the use of environmentally friendly appliances.

This considerate choice will not only benefit our planet but will also increase employees’ productivity, the company’s operations efficiency, and the business running cost. Moreover, getting a reputation of using eco-friendly appliances can also boost the image of your brand or products and the company

Here are the 7 basic environmentally friendly appliances that can be beneficial to your business: 

Laboratory and Medical Chillers

Beginning with the Montreal Protocol in 1987, there is has been a push to make sure refrigerants do not harm the environment if they should leak out. The industry successfully switched to new refrigerants to stop the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer. More recently, the world is focusing on reducing the potential for adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

Chilling as a process whether medical or industrial usually requires the use of refrigerants.  A refrigeration system is a closed loop circuit in which the refrigerant absorbs heat where cooling is desired (in the evaporator) and then moves the heat to some other point (the condenser) where the heat can be rejected.  The refrigerant itself is recirculated over and over again. 

In hospitals where the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic is eminent,

medical imaging equipment like MRI machines, CT scanners, LINAC machines require a reliable source of cooling at all times. Temporary chiller rental offers standard and customized chillers to meet this requirement reliably and efficiently. Temporary chiller rental cost may also vary on your choice or need, features and accessories.

Carefully considering the conditions in which your process chiller will be used and the process for which it will be used will help you identify the features most needed on your system.


On average, the older fridges can consume twice as much energy and twice as much of your paycheck than do Energy Star-rated fridges.

In fact, expect to save about $270 in the next five years simply by replacing your old fridge with a new, efficient fridge. 

Likely, your old refrigerator is low on refrigerant, poorly insulated and its door seals are not adequately keeping in the cold. 


If into food business, the eco-friendliest thing you can do with stoves and ovens is to dump your conventional electric range. When you decide to change from an electric stove and/or oven, you automatically cut your energy consumption by two-thirds.

Induction ranges are even more efficient than gas, though, are (which are electrically powered). In terms of cooking efficiency, induction is considered to be 2.5 times more efficient than gas.


When we think of dishwasher we think of a machine that cuts washing time in half, runs quiet, nibbles water and electricity, and gives us sparkling clean dishes. 

If what you are using now does not do these features then it is time to consider replacing it. A good rule of thumb to use when deciding whether to replace your dishwasher is when it has served you for 10 years.

What can new dishwashers in the market can offer?

Top in the list is maximum efficiency, with newer dishwashers, including fan assisted drying (which distributes air evenly across the dishes), tighter seals around the door, and better organization (which translates to faster washing and drying).

Dishwashers that are Energy Star rated use at least 41 percent less energy. On top of that, they use less water.

Tip: You can boost the efficiency of your dishwasher even more by running it only when it is full. Also consider turning off the dishwasher’s drying function. Instead, when the cycle has finished, open the door and let the dishes air-dry.

Desktop Computer

If you’re company is still using a desktop computer, look into cooler-running laptops. Desktop computers gobble an estimated 60 to 250 watts, as opposed to laptops’ substantially lower consumption level of 15 to 45 watts. 

Factory Direct Promos gives a heads up that a reliable mark to look at when shopping for a computer is the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) rating. This tool is a quantifying system that assigns bronze, silver or gold ratings based on the environmental impact of a product. It is worth noting that a product with a gold EPEAT rating can still contain toxic chemicals, but overall it is still an eco-friendly choice in computers. A refurbished computer could also be the way to go. Refurbished computers extend the life of existing products, making them a great, eco-friendly computer option. Also remember when your old computer just isn’t working out anymore don’t toss it in the trash – recycle it. Recycling electronics is easier now than it has even been. Responsibly disposing of your old electronics has a major environmental impact and should not be underestimated.

LED Lights

Step into the light with cool LED bulbs over your old incandescent bulband enjoy the difference. LED bulbs use from 70 to 90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. 

More thanbeing environmentally friendly, the installation of LED lights will also aidthe quality and efficiency within your production area. LED lights can minimize health risks due to their low toxicity and they are noticeably cost effective. 

If everyone in the U.S. switched from incandescent to LED bulbs, an estimated 17 billion pounds of carbon would be saved each year.

Company Toilets

This is something that you may have taken for granted. However, your toilet was installed before 1994, it probably is the water-wasting 3.5 gallon-per-flush (GPF) type. Switch to a 1.6 GPF toilet and save up to 4,000 gallons per person per year. Advancements in toilet tech mean that you still get the same flushing power for less water.

Purchasing major appliances that are energy efficient as well as water efficient reduces your impact on the environment. It passes savings onto you and your business too.

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