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5 Refrigerator Inspection Checklist: Unlock Full Cooling Potential

Hiring a professional only for the inspection of your refrigerator is not always going to be a cost-effective way of dealing with affairs, but companies like Commercial Refrigeration Sydney offer comprehensive services that may prove beneficial.

Here are five easy steps, through which you can perform the inspection yourself and save money instead of hiring the cheap refrigerator repair Albuquerque nm.

Temperature Regulation

Inspecting the interior temperature of a refrigerator is the first and most necessary step to ensure that your fridge is working at its optimum capacity. You can put to use an appliance thermometer to inspect the temperatures inside your fridge and freezer, respectively.

The inside of your fridge should not be kept cooler than 4°C or 40°F, as it would cause the food and drink items to start freezing below that. The optimum temperature for your freeze repair should be kept around -18°C or 0°F.

Checking The Air Seal

Checking the tight seal of your refrigerator is another very important step to make sure before inspecting any major faults with it. The refrigerator requires an airtight seal to be, for which the gasket is attached to the corners of the door.

If the gasket is found to be twisted or out of shape, letting the air out even by the slightest fraction, it could be affecting the cooling potential of your refrigerator. Inspect this closing the door of the fridge and freezer, and then check all around to make sure it is tightly stuck to the frame.

Compressor Check

The compressor is the most major working component of your refrigerator. It is the component that drives the hot air out of the fridge and freezer compartments, and any faults or problems with it directly influences the cooling potential.

You can inspect this by leaving the doors of the fridge and freezer both. If the compressor and motor switch on and off respectively without weird noise, it is in good shape.

Cleaning The Coils

Other than the compressor, the coils of the refrigerator happen to be the second most important component. But because they are the ones that are most exposed to the effects of surroundings like dirt, dust, debris, and grime, they happen to get dirty often.

You can wipe the coils clean with a piece of wet cloth to make sure they have no layers attached; this will improve the cooling potential of your fridge by a decent measure as well.

Refrigerant Levels

Last but never the least, checking the refrigerant levels in the tubes of your refrigerator is going to make sure that it is completely optimized. If you notice to have a freeze of the coils at ends, it is an indication of a possible leak or low refrigerant levels.

Filling up the refrigerant by yourself is not advised as it releases toxic gas. Hiring a professional for this step would be ideal.


By going through each of the steps mentioned above with concentration, you can potentially save yourself from the many unneeded visits of a small appliance repair professional and save expenses of the services fee for something you can easily do.

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