Get an Idea about katy perry net worth in 2022

Do you have any idea how much worth she has presently? Katy is a famous singer in the United States.

Do you have any idea how much worth she has presently? Katy is a famous singer in the United States. She is also renowned as a television presenter, judge and lyricist. Many of her fans recently wanted to know about her net worth. According to the research and report, the super singer has 330 million USD. She is also noted as one of the most paying entertainers in the country. She has done tons of music shows outside of the United States. Due to this reason, let's check out katy perry net worth.

Katy's Earnings as a Host

Perry became more popular when she joined as a judge on "American Idol." The producer of this singing competition program was ABC. Katy signed the contract paper with ABC against huge fees. It was reported in 2018 that she took 15 million USD as a salary for season one. Later it increases due to the increasing TRP of the program. Within one year, the fees increased up to 25 million USD.

Katy also has some revenue earnings ventures in many countries. Her company produces exclusive fragrances such as Meow, Purr, Mad Potion and Killer Queen. These fragrances are elegant and expensive. She is also one of the famous brand "Popchips" investors and the brand's main face.

She also owned a trendy mobile game application, "Katy Perry Pop", in 2015 with another top-rated mobile company Glu Mobile. Perry earns millions of dollars from these brands and companies in a year.

Katy perry net worth – Other Income Sources

Forget about her songs, royalties and live stage performances. Kate also earnings from other sources. She appeared in lots of television programs such as "The Simpsons," "How I Met Your Mother," "Saturday Night Live", and super hit shows like "Raising Hope".

Katy charged millions of dollars for her performances in all the programs. Katy also did the movie in the year of 2011. She worked in the animated film "The Smurfs" and also worked in "The Smurfs 2" in 2013.

Besides this, she owns a private mansion in Beverly Hills that cost her 19 million USD. She sold the same villa in 2022 for 19.5 million USD. She also sold another home in the same area for 8 million USD in 2020.

Katy also sold her Runyon Canyon area for 12 million USD in 2019. With Orlando's partnership, she owns a 9-acre estate in Montecito that cost her 7.1 million USD.

This is all about katy perry net worth. She is regarded as one of the wealthiest celebrities in the country. Due to this reason, people and fans want to know about her net worth.

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