Get Your Bike on the Hike: Mountain Biking in the Appalachian

North Georgia’s mountain biking experience will give you just the right balance of thrill and calm.

Mountain biking became popular after its introduction in the 70s as a fringe sport. The adventurous sport consists of multiple categories, including cross country, dirt jumping, etc. Apart from a competitive perspective, mountain biking is also sought as a leisure activity amongst thrill seekers. The fact that it does not require much time to learn and is not too harsh on the pocket adds to its popularity.

Mountain biking is a very likable activity when one visits the beautiful Appalachian. Mainly because of the scenic trails and moderate difficulty trailing, tourists can enjoy a blend of eye-catching natural spectacles and the rush of biking during the journey. We are listing a few prominent options for mountain biking enthusiasts to put their skills to the test. Experience the soothing atmosphere on your visit to North Georgia, and read on.

1. Jake Mountain

Located in Dahlonega, this 10-mile loop trail is a favorite spot for beginner to intermediate bikers. The Chattahoochee National Forest takes great care of the course and continues to upgrade the place to attract more people. The trail route is filled with towering trees and beautiful foliage that continues to delight the bikers. A steep, downhill plane ensures you catch the thrill you seek and test your riding controls as it gets fast and flowy in some places.

2. Bear Creek, Ellijay

With no shortage of vistas, Beer Creek is another famous spot for biking. Usually a bit damp and tacky, you are welcome to visit the place all year round. On your way up, you will witness the rocky valley in the shades of gigantic trees with sunlight passing through in patches. The highlight of the trail is the giant poplar, with its width and quite a few splashes from the creek crossing. The downhill nature of the track suggests you are in for a fast ride. It is a 10-mile loop with an elevation gain of around 4700 feet.

3. Dug Gap Mountain, Pinhoti Trail

This 15-mile out-and-back trail is located in the biking capital of North Georgia, Ellijay, and is considered one of the finest (if not the finest). Among the many trails of the Appalachian, the Dug Gap mountain trail gained popularity due to its moderate difficulty and scenic route, including rocky valleys, lush green foliage, and the fresh smell of rain-drenched soil.

4. Fort Mountain

With so many mesmerizing views you can’t keep your eyes off, mountain biking is a great way to enjoy the serenity of Fort Mountain. The landscape, the musical breeze, and the mysterious yet inviting lake are all at your disposal when you decide to take your bike on the hike. This 27-mile trail has its categories of trail loop for kids, beginners, and skilled bikers.

Consider this a prologue of what will be an adventurous and fun-filled vacation to North Georgia. Words are empty air, and no amount could ever encompass the peace, quiet, and adventure that awaits you on your trip. Even if you are not a fan of mountain biking, North Georgia will guarantee that the enticing and splendid trails don’t let you leave before you make this your no.1 fun activity.

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