You have come to the right place if you want to learn how many solar panels are required to power your house and are planning to install

You have come to the right place if you want to learn how many solar panels are required to power your house and are planning to install solar panels on your roof to lower your electricity bill. We at Usha Solar India, the Best Solar Panel Manufacturing Company in India, are experts on the subject!

Any solar project should aim to offset all electricity and save as much money as possible, not to put as many panels on a roof as possible. 

Three main factors affect how many panels are needed to power a house:

  • Electricity Consumption
  • Location and environment
  • Solar panel power rating 

In this article, we will demonstrate how to manually determine the number of panels required to power your home. Solar Rooftop Manufacturers in Delhi NCR

What number of solar panels do you need to fuel a house?

Your solar system will be sized to match your typical electricity consumption because the majority of solar projects aim to completely offset your electric bill. Here is an essential condition you can use to get a gauge of the number of solar panels you need to drive your home:

The daily electricity consumption, peak sun hours, and solar panel wattage will all differ depending on everyone. Since you didn’t come here to learn algebra, we’ll show you how to calculate each variable and use a hypothetical situation based on national averages.

Find some of your most recent utility bills to find out how much electricity you use daily. You can use the information on your bill to estimate how much electricity you use daily—it should show how much you used for 30 days—or whatever your payment period is. Simply take the absolute use during the period, and separate it by the number of days.

Because electricity use varies from month to month, the accuracy of your calculation will improve the more bills you can average together.

When you have your day-to-day power use, the following stage is to sort out the number of pinnacle sun hours your framework will get each day! 

Next, find out how many peak sun hours your area gets. The number of peak sun hours is a big factor in figuring out how many solar panels you need to power your home.

A peak sun hour occurs when solar irradiance, or the intensity of the sun’s rays, reaches an average of 1 kW/m2.

Finally, select a solar panel’s power rating. The capacity of each solar panel to generate electricity during peak sunlight hours is the final variable. Watts are used for measuring this, which is known as power rating. Power ratings for solar panels range from 250W to 450W; if you have a small roof, you might want to use fewer panels with a higher power rating. A lower wattage might be an option if you want to spend less on each panel. You should be free to select the panels that best meet your requirements because everyone has different objectives.

We’ll use 400W panels for our example scenario.

Determine the number of solar panels required to power a house!

The number of panels required to power a house can be calculated now that we have our three variables.

Consumption of power each day: 30 kWh, or 30,000 watt-hours per day 

On average peak hours: 5 hours per day 

The typical panel wattage is: 400W 

The following equation can be rewritten to account for the number of solar panels:

Daily power consumption/peak sun hours/panel wattage = number of solar panels

Now let’s pin in our sample figures:

30,000 Watt-hours/5 peak sun hours/400W = 15 panels

If we round up, it takes 15 solar panels to power the average household and meet the goal of 100% electricity offset. 

Now let’s look at the easy way to find out how many solar panels you need! 

We’ll show you the easy way to figure out how many solar panels are needed to power a house now that we’ve gone through the manual calculations. 

Satellite technology is used to plan modern home solar projects, and the solar calculator can help you get started. To determine the size of your solar system and the amount of money you can save by switching to solar, simply enter your address and set your average energy bill. 

The calculator will provide you with an estimated system size in kW under the average energy bill slider, which you can use to determine the number of panels required. 

Speaking with an impartial Energy Advisor is the best way to figure out how many solar panels you need and answer any questions you might have about going solar. Contact Usha Solar India if you require any guidance or recommendations regarding solar panels. We are one of India’s most well-known manufacturers of solar systems. We are the best Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers in Delhi because we are devoted dealers of solar panels and because our company has been around for a long time. 


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