Good Night Text Messages For Her


Text messages are agreat way to express your feeling to someone you love or care.Good night messages can bring asmile on your face especially at night when you are relaxed. Sending good text messages makes her feel good for you.

Some of the good text messages are:

  1. The stars, the moon, and the sky everyone wants to wish you goodnight and sweet dreams.
  2. The air is singing asong for you so that you have a good sleep. Good night
  3. The stars and the moon everyone is praying for you so that you have a sound sleep.
  4. Goodnight message conveys that how much you are being remembered and cared.
  5. Looking at the flowers red, blue, and orange I am giving them the message of goodnight so that it is passed on to you by their fragrance.
  6. I want to sleep early so that we can meet in dreamland and spend time together. Good night and sweet dreams.
  7. Lying on the bed, looking at the sky and talking with the stars, I only think about you and pray for your sweet dreams.
  8. All my loneliness goes away, thinking about you. Sleep tight
  9. Looking at the moon, I feel happy as it reminds me of you. Good night take care.
  10. No matter how old I become, but my night is incomplete without remembering you. Good night
  11. I wishgoodnight to the most beautiful person, who makes my life attractive every day.
  12. I thank god every day for making you as a part of my life, have a beautiful
  13. I always want my eyes closed, so that we are alwaystogether in our dreams. Good night.
  14. All my nightmares get away once you come in my dream, have a tight sleep.
  15. Looking at the stars,I remember you as you are shining star of my life. Have a wonderful sleep.
  16. I wish I would have been air, I would have blown your hair and wished you good night personally.
  17. The days have passed like normaldays, but it has changed my life since you are not with me. Good night.
  18. I enjoyed my day just thinking of you, and I am happy we would meet in dreams.Sweet dreams.
  1. My Prayer and love are always with you, have a tight sleep and sweet dreams.
  1. Stars started hiding, night become dark, but I am always there to protect you from all nightmares. Have a Goodnight.
  1. I can never imagine any day without thinking about you, good night and sweet dreams.
  1. The chilled air blows and carries my message to you, so that you have great sleep and have sweet dreams.
  1. In my every breath you are there, and when you come in my dreams,it becomes easier for me to breath. Good night.
  1. Sitting in the sky and looking at the moon I remembered you and want to wish you good night.
  1. I wish you have aparty with the angels in your dreams, sleep tight have a wonderful
  1. The best thing about all night is that you come in my all dreams.Good night



Above are some of the best good night text messages, which is going to make our loved ones happy and there is going to smile on their faces once they receive them, thinking how much they are remembered till the end of the day. The messages make them feel special and happy. (


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