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Google Search Console: What It Is and Who Should Use It

Google Search Console (abbreviated to GSC) is a free service that Google offers to monitor the presence of the website in search engines, to understand if it has any problems and defines how to solve them.

Target? Optimize the presence of your website on Google and be found by users who need you, when they need you.

Indispensable SEO tool, Google Search Console allows you to understand how Google has indexed the website, allows you to understand which searches bring you the most traffic and to find new queries of interest to you.

And, again, you can evaluate the health of the pages and the structure of the internal links of the site, you can evaluate the CTR, Click through Rate, you can find any security problems and you can do much more like Photography Company In Dubai.

In particular, Google Search Console allows you to:

  • View which sites have links that link to your website;
  • Resolve any indexing problems and request a new indexing of new or updated content from Google;
  • Consult important data on the traffic that comes to your website from Google Search, such as how often the site is displayed in Google Search, for which search queries the site is indexed, click-through, etc.
  • Receive notifications from Google when it encounters indexing, spam or other problems on the site;
  • Check and resolve usability related issues on mobile devices.

How to activate Google Search Console

To activate Google’s Search Console for free, you must connect to the official page and click on Start Now, the button that allows you to start the procedure for inserting your first website into the Console.

After that, you will have to log in with Gmail and you will have to enter the URL of the website. Now you will have to check the site and you have 4 ways to do it:

  • You can insert a string of code on the website;
  • You can upload an HTML file to the site;
  • You can proceed through Google Analytics;
  • You can rely on Google Tag Manager.

How to add other websites to Google Search Console

After activating the Google Search Console and connecting your first website, you can add other addresses to monitor, the so-called properties. What you need to do is move to the top left and you have to click on the URL of the site of your interest and then add what you need.

If you want to insert other managers you must click on Add User.

Who should use Google Search Console?

The Mountain View SEO tool is designed for anyone with a website, be it a professional or an unskilled person.

In particular, the Google Search Console is an indispensable tool for:

  • Web developers, to solve markup and code problems on the site and to analyze the data of interest;
  • Marketing professionals and SEO experts. The Search Console is essential for finding valuable data not only on the website’s performance but also on marketing strategies in general. In these cases it is very important to integrate this SEO tool with other valuable Google tools, namely Google Analytics, Google Trends and Google Ads;
  • Website administrators, since Search Console allows you to verify and ensure the correct functioning of the site, to resolve server errors, loading and security problems;
  • Business owners, for whom it is advisable to have knowledge of the basics of optimizing the website for search engines.

And have you already activated your Google Search Console? If you haven’t done it yet, run. Don’t hesitate again!

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