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JetBlue offers Free Cancellation Due to coronavirus

The fear of the widespread virus has been frightening people all over the world. The global alert by the WHO (World Health Organization) is making people cancel their travel plans. As is this virus is known to contagious even I canceled my business trip to mainland China. Although the reservations were made three months earlier only the issue arose a month before the departure of the flight. I know I will be facing a lot of loss on canceling this business trip but now the government is also not allowing any flights to mainland China and many Asian countries. The travel industry is facing loss at a titanic speed because nobody wishes to get into the overcrowded area. I had made reservations with the JetBlue but now that I had to cancel the reservation I went to the official website and collected the following information on the JetBlue Cancellation Policy:

  • The passengers that hold a fare of the amount $200 or beyond (important to all Mint fares) then the cancellation fee will be $200. 
  • The passengers that hold a fare of the amount within $150 to $199.99 then the JetBlue cancellation rate will be $150
  • The passengers that hold a fare of the amount $100 to $149.99 then the cancellation fee will be $100.
  • The passengers that hold a fare of the amount under $100 then the cancellation fee will be $75.
  • In case the reservation is confirmed within a time frame of 7 days or more before the take-off of the JetBlue flight then the flyer can cancel it without any JetBlue cancellation fee. Make sure that the cancellation method is executed within a day (24 hours) of the purchase of the ticket with JetBlue Airlines
  • The refund of the flight will be credited for the future purchase of JetBlue flights only.
  • In case the passenger does not cancel the flight prior to the confirmed departure then there will be no refund made by the airline.

How to cancel JetBlue reservations?

There are many passengers who are not aware of the cancellation procedure along with the JetBlue Cancellation Policy, For such passengers, the following steps will help in the procedure. Just make sure to have an internet connection to execute the process as it can not be performed without any network connection. 

  • Type the official website of JetBlue Airlines in the web browser of the device and search for it
  • Look for Manage Flights option and click on it to open
  • Enter the booking id of the reservation in the given space
  • Make  a selection on your flight that you require to cancel
  • Verify your selection by making a selection on the Enter tab
  • The refund value will be determined automatically
  • Now the refund will be credited after the deduction of the cancellation fee. 
  • Congratulations, you have successfully canceled the reservation selected. 

I am glad that all the airlines are coordinating along with the government to fight the life taking virus. All the airlines are charging a minimum cancellation fee on making the cancelations to Asian countries and are providing a maximum refund along with that. In case you are also canceling your reservations with JetBlue Airlines then I would advise you to check the JetBlue Cancellation Policy before taking any action.

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