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Guide to Creating a Friendly Atmosphere For Your Business

Having a friendly and approachable business is important for keeping your current clients happy and winning over new customers. Though a friendly smile can go a long way, you are not always talking face to face with your customers so you will have to do more than that.

With most customers now shopping and looking for services online, an easy to use website is essential. This means you want customers to be able to find your contact details easily, order products and most importantly, find information when they need it.


Being easy to contact as a business is now easy with modern technology such as email, VoIP, and mobile phones. Now that most of use converse through emails, especially for business, it is more important than ever that you have the right way of writing your emails. Take a formal, yet friendly approach to your writing and try to keep it as succinct as possible. Bullet points and other formatting can help a lot with this and there are many writing samples online that can give you inspiration.


Your website development needs to say to your customer ‘you can trust us’. A visitor to your website may never have heard of your business so first impressions are really important. If customers are contacting you with the same kinds of questions then you should add this information to your website.

If you have no specific place to put it, create an FAQ section to save customers time.

The more information you can provide to the customer when they are considering a purchase, the more sales you will be able to land. Provide as much information as you can and try to create your website so that it naturally directs customers towards your sales or contact forms. Providing this information allows people to make an informed decision when buying as well as provide opportunities for you to sell them other items.


You can never go past customer service if you want a friendly atmosphere for your business. While your workers won’t always be in a happy mood, great customer training will help them hide their feelings and always appear friendly no matter what. If you have any shy staff members that do not like to approach customers, then train them gradually. Confidence can be learnt, so have regular practice sessions for speaking on the phone as well as in person on the shop floor.


It may seem like a bribe (because it is!) but giving gifts to your customers can help your business appear friendlier. This also says that you care about your customers and want them to have something extra. This could be slightly better, reusable bags or even discounts off future purchases.

Use your gifts and bonuses to further promote your business as it will also provide good word of mouth marketing, especially if you are having sales and giveaways.

Remember to focus on providing great products and services and friendly, fast and efficient service and your business will be booming.

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