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Hadoop and Big Data: Is it the Perfect Union For Data Commercialization

There is ample scope for certified Big Data analysts to go for Hadoop training in Bangalore

Hadoop and Big Data are part of the biggest movement in data management technologies, impacting the way businesses leverage Computing and Cloud platforms. While Hadoop is a framework allowing quick processing of data clusters using programming models, Big Data technologies make that processing and subsequent storage easy and scalable. In 2019-2020, most companies are trying to figure out a way to merge Hadoop and Big Data to work efficiently with structured and unstructured data that inundate businesses on a day to day basis.

As we prepare to highlight how these two frameworks can come together as a united force, there is ample scope for certified Big Data analysts to go for Hadoop training in Bangalore.

Hadoop and Big Data: Both Seeing Exponential Growth in Data Market

To understand how Hadoop training with Big Data projects can deliver on the promises, it’s important to actually ascertain the volume of data actually mined and processed daily. The source of data and the outcome are very important components in determining the roadmap for continuing with Big Data technologies for Business Intelligence, Marketing Analytics, Hyper Cloud computing and more. 

Between 2015 and 2018, Hadoop has grown steadily to become the most preferred Big Data technology for Data Mining, Data Warehousing, and Complex Processing. 

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What Hadoop Could Solve for Big Data Technologies?

Big Data technologies find Hadoop as an ideal match in the open source distributed computing landscape. There are a handful of Hadoop training courses that focus extensively on dealing with thousands of server hubs to crunch enormous volume of data. While Big Data has been among the most popular terms of the decade, data scientists are hounded by the mismanagement in fully deploying Data Management platforms to analyze every point of information for better analytics. 

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The biggest challenges in Big Data Management include –

  • Capturing Accurate Data
  • Data Discovery and Storage
  • Search Queries 
  • Transfer and Analysis
  • Data Leak and Data Corruption
  • Data Presentation/ Visualization 

To fulfill the above challenges in Big Data management, early Hadoop training adopters promote the programming platform as a preferred data operating system.

The Trends, Industry Dimensions and More…

The industry dimension in Big Data is formulated by the 3V model – Volume, Velocity, and Variety.  While modern businesses are flocking towards fully deploying Big Data and Hadoop for catalyzing their IT operations, their mission is damped by the growing pricing pressures. New innovative Data Discovery operations involve the use of Machine Learning and AI merged into Big Data – Hadoop wave. 

In the next two years, we would expect to find organizations leveraging Big Data managed by analysts certified in Hadoop training Bangalore.

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