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How Technology has helped the Artists to rise?

The life of an art lover has taken several higher standards. Indian artists or artisans from any other nation, technology has really revamped their lives.

The era of digitalization is at its peak and people can’t be more excited. With the dawn of the technological boom and the burst of digital platforms, everything has changed quite drastically. The loop of business has become much wider and new opportunities have emerged in almost every sector.

The Art industry too has been impacted quite fruitfully by the hit of advancements that have occurred in recent decades. The life of an art lover has taken several higher standards. People who love and seek magical art pieces find it much easier to explore their favourite paintings on smartphones sitting in their room, sipping their coffee. This is how advanced and convenient technology has made people’s lives.

Not just the art aficionados but also the lives of artists have taken a drastic change. The notion of ‘the starving artist’ is eventually being eradicated from the roots and artists are now getting more earning opportunities than before. Be it the Indian artists or artisans from any other nation, technology has really revamped their lives.

The technological click

Some 30 years back, as an artist, you would have to do a lot of hardwork. You would have to seek the representation of some eminent art gallery, which wouldn’t have been easy to get. Additionally, if you would seek the representation, you would have to either make a name for yourself or would need some strong references from the art community. Less than 1% of the artists in the entire world at that were able to make a name for themselves in those times.

Today, making an earning as an artist is not a mountainous task. Remember I said, making an earning as an artist, so you need to have that artistic skill; it is the primary factor.

Moving on, artists of our era have been harnessing the power of web-based platforms to get connected with the relatable audience. Although the percentage of artists who are able to make it big is still quite less, the entire experience has drastically transformed into something more profound and impeccable.

Technological Avenues

Indian artists, for an instance, till a few decades back were finding it extremely hard to earn their bread & butter consistently. In the light of limited space and sophisticated structure of the art community, the life of artists was not joyful.

Today, artists have been enjoying the benefits of platforms like social media, websites, online shops, etc. In addition to this, artists also look out to connect with the art lovers through blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. The opportunities are limitless and the world of art has been given a new life.

How artists benefit from technology?

There are quite many platforms using which artists have been rising phenomenally high in today’s time. Some of them are listed below; let’s take a look:

Online galleries

If you are seeking an opportunity to showcase your artistic talent in an art gallery, brick & mortar is not the only alternative left. There are prominent art galleries available on the web that are offering some splendid contingencies to the American, European, and Indian artists. Whether you are from any nation, these online galleries will submit your work and will bring the same in front of the art zealots who are looking for similar or same types of paintings. Also, a brick & mortar gallery charges an artist upt0 40% of the sale price, while these online daises only price a minimal percentage.

Online galleries

Social Media

Today, more than 4.5 billion people are on the internet. That’s more than 50% of the entire world. A majority of this population is on the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. These daises are a hub of people and artists can tap these platforms to pluck out the most relevant audience suitable for them. Out of these, Pinterest and Instagram are best for artists to start a page that would act as their online studio where users can explore and choose the artwork they like. Using Facebook and Twitter, artists can promote their brand name and increase their followers.

Social Media

Other Mediums

Around 40% of the Indian artists, in today’s time, have their own websites. Having a website is a great way to increase your credibility as an artist. Your website has all your information such as your story of how you become an artist, your inspirations, your contact information, your upcoming conventions, etc. This makes it easy for art lovers to keep a constant track on their favourite artists.

Also, you can start a blog as an artist. Share your experience about why you love art and start scribbling down various educational tutorials telling different techniques and tactics you use for creating a painting.

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