Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers Online In India

Vooki the brand by 39 year old Pon Pure Chemicals Group has one of the best disinfectant surface cleaner in India.

As the lock down restrictions are easing there is a mad rush to buy hand sanitizer for it is one of the mandates.Being the need of the hour product, the market is filled with hand sanitizers of all kinds. There needs to be a clear understanding of the recommended formulation to serve the purpose.Check for any one of the below formulations and buy hand sanitizer online as they are the easiest and safest way now.  

Ethanol (80%)+Hydeogen peroxide(H2O2) + glycerol 

IPA 99.8%+H2O2+glycerol

Sanitizer you buy online; but one should know when to use it. Use them when you touch common touch points like elevator buttons, door knobs,switches, car door handle etc. It was invented for use by health care workers specially doctors, as they were the ones exposed to more germs.But now every one has to buy hand sanitizer in India,as well as in all countries for COVID 19 has posed such a threat.   

Hand Sanitizers

So, how do you choose a good hand sanitizer? You can find this out by looking for concentration of alcohol.If its above 60%.its good to use,the greater the concentration of alcohol the more efficiently it will work. When concentration of alcohol is less, they only reduce the number of micro-organism rather than killing them which does not help much.

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