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Do I Really Need Health Insurance

Ever wondered why health insurance is useful? Unlike car insurance, Health insurance in Pakistan is often neglected and has never been a priority for many. The consequences are tempting; a recent report shows people facing financial depth, have mentioned “Health budget” as the core reason for their financial disability. However, you will not opt for health insurance unless you aren’t aware of the advantages. Many young people at their teenage think they are healthy enough to dismiss health insurance, but the fact is, illness or injury is unpredictable. You never know what can happen the very next moment; therefore a health insurance is significant. The medical expenses along with unexpected medication increase pressure on household budgets and yet, people seem to ignore health insurance.

This article describes the reasons you should opt for health insurance in Pakistan and why everyone should always have some form of health insurance.

Medical expensive can lead you to Bankruptcy

Medical expenses are very costly and can cause thousands of rupees in a single go. In the case of a medical emergency, the chances of getting medically debt are high. Why? Because surgeries and operations cost a tedious amount. Moreover, a single day spent at the hospital is more like spending your day-hard earning. In case of medical emergencies you skip your job which creates more problems for you; Not only it will leave you in a severe debt but also you may end up losing your job. Jobs are hard to find and losing it is never worth the risk.

So what a health insurance in Pakistan can do at the time of emergencies? Health insurance is liable to cover for medical and surgical expenses, which will help you protected from unexpected costs and will support quality treatment. It’s more like an allowance and you are getting cashless service, more than you actually paid.

In-patient treatment: cases, when an individual is admitted to the hospital for days and months, are covered for the room rent, boarding expenses, doctor fees, medicines and other illness related tests.

Post-hospitalization: Medications aren’t cheap and are always a huge burden on anyone’s pocket. In this case, the cost of medication is totally covered by the insurer while keeping your pocket safe. Normally, it is valid for 60 days.

Preventive care is possible

Preventive care

Small things can turn into bigger things, as well. Particularly, when you don’t have insurance you don’t opt for medical checkups and getting treated for little things, which can escalate into bigger things. No doubt, preventive measures and getting regular checkups for minor problems in an effective way to avoid long hospital stays.

What insurance can do? The right cover will help you sit back and relax, while it will fully reimburse you for your medical costs. If you are diagnosed with a disease and want to go for a surgery, health insurance can help you win it, without creating a financial debt.

Health insurance isn’t a luxury.


Health insurance is a necessity surely not a luxury. The young generation thinks that they are healthy enough to avoid health insurance. Being healthy is good, however, it doesn’t mean that you are unlikely to hit by a disease. Life is unpredictable as you never know what can happen tomorrow, after a month and even after a second. Taking preventive measures before it hits you, is sensibility.

Go for a high-deductibility insurance plan if you can’t afford health insurance.

Private Health Insurance

A high-deductibility insurance plan is an effective way to stay protected from medical expenses. It’s more like a health saving account which is relatively cheaper in plans than health insurance. By the way is it great to pay 5000$ or 50,000? Obviously, the lesser amount. The process will help you get to save from bankruptcy, and moreover, you can continue your life with the same pace and happiness

In short, a decent health insurance will cover you for the following.

  • Doctor visits
  • Hospital Stays
  • Emergency cares
  • Surgery
  • Lab tests
  • Preventive measures

Investigation of a plan is necessary as you need to figure out what things are being covered and what is not. Most people tend to ignore the features and buy insurance just because the company has a big name. These mistakes cause huge problems. Few steps should be given deep consideration when planning a health insurance

  1. The flexibility of the plane
  2. Guarantee renewability
  3. Number of critical illness covered
  4. Limit on the family size
  5. A number of hospitalization days and daily cash limit.
  6. Medical network

If you are looking for an affordable health insurance in Pakistan then you need to compare offers of different insurance providers. Without comparison, you will never be satisfied with your decision. I can recommend you much famous health insurances but they may not match your needs. Keep your needs in your mind and compare quotes of health insurance. Good Luck!

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