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5 Ways High School Exchange Will Build Your Resume

Taking the plunge to go to a high school exchange program makes you a global citizen to make the world a better place. The ideal program empowers students regardless of backgrounds with global skills and passion to make a difference. By the end of the program, these global skills will build your resume to make landing your dream job a breeze. A high school exchange abroad and possession of development skills increase employment potential and career development.

The study abroad experience contributes significantly to improvement in curiosity, intercultural skills, confidence, adaptability, problem solving, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills. There is also a chance of getting employed after a year of graduation with a chance of higher pay compared to those who don’t study abroad. A high school exchange program will strengthen your resume and make it easy to reach your goals. Here is a list of skills from the program to enhance your resume.

New language acquisition

Going abroad allows learning a second language. This increases cognitive abilities for seamless creativity, problem-solving, and memory. It is no doubt that becoming bilingual will make you smarter. This experience significantly enhances the brain’s executive function. This command system directs attention processes necessary for solving problems, planning, and accomplishing mentally demanding tasks.

Multilingualism comes with various social rewards to make you a more desirable candidate to prospective employers. This skill requires intuition, consideration, and awareness. Living in a multilingual environment makes one adept at appreciating perspectives from other people. Quality high school student exchange programs allow looking beyond your worldview while demonstrating empathy in the workplace and beyond. Bilingualism is necessary for all occupations regardless of sector and skill level.

Enhancing creativeness

Life abroad allows forming close relationships with new people from various cultural backgrounds. This spurs creativeness, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Today’s rapidly changing world relies on innovating and quick solving of problems including new ones. Forming intercultural relationships encourages switching your cognitive framework and pushing outside the box. The ideal high school exchange program will encourage forming long-lasting and meaningful relationships to promote your creativity.

During job applications, potential employers will easily pick you out of other applicants. The employers will be optimistic in you from your experience during the high school exchange program. This is because it takes someone with a creative mind to ace their way through life abroad. Including your experience abroad will enhance your resume for better chances of landing your dream job.

Global awareness

With the world becoming globalized today, global competency is necessary for business success. Chances of working in an international setting are higher today. You are likely to begin interacting with various companies from other parts of the world. The high school exchange increases global competency from regular challenges to your worldview. You will respect people more while appreciating their beliefs, ideas, and values.

Improving emotional intelligence

Life in a new world requires learning to live in a new environment amongst people you don’t know. This requires critical thinking, constant communication, and quick thinking. In this circumstance, there is no room to stay in your comfort zone. This will significantly make your flexibility, empathy, and maturity grow to make you a very valuable asset in the workplace. Undertaking more research projects boasts emotional intelligence values. This will make you understand your feelings and those of others at work.

Finding it easier to try new things

Taking the plunge to live in a new country and with new people is not for the faint-hearted. This new experience is only for the brave who are excited about things including:

  • Living with a new family
  • Studying from a new school
  • Learning a new language
  • Immersing yourself in a new culture
  • Making new friends

Trying out all these new things is good for the brain. Challenging yourself encourages the brain to make changes to suit the new environment. During the high school exchange abroad, your brain will exhibit enhanced neuroplasticity. This will embody confidence to handle any new experience including in the professional environment.

How to include high school exchange in your resume

It is important to understand how to let potential employers understand your experience abroad. Doing this will allow landing various opportunities including internships, volunteering positions, and jobs. After the program, analyze important skills from the experience to use in your resume. Some of the prominent skills include having a global mindset, better communication skills, and other newfound capabilities.

Make a list of essential skills that were helpful abroad with a short description of what you did. These skills come in handy to support your professional experience. For anyone reading your resume to internalize the information in your resume, structure it strategically to highlight impressive details about your experience abroad.

Bottom line

There are various benefits for high school students to study abroad including incorporable richness in skills and experience. Completing a high school exchange program will significantly affect your academic and professional career.

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