Historic Bridges to Visit in The United States

United Bridge Partners, a bridge infrastructure company in the United States invests in private capital to help the government in solving the infrastructure crisis.

Do you know that there are more than 600,000 bridges in the United States? And, a majority of them are a result of modern engineering. Beautiful and iconic bridges come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. In fact, they can be fashioned of wood, stone, or cast iron. For the past few years, the United States is facing an infrastructure crisis. Although, things have changed after the public-private partnership. United Bridge Partners, a bridge infrastructure company in the United States invests in private capital to help the government in solving the infrastructure crisis across America. Marinating transportation infrastructure is crucial for economic growth of a country. Undeniably, the United States is home to numerous bridges and some of them are worth visiting. 

Following are some historic bridges that you should visit in the United States:

Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

Mackinac Bridge, also known as “Might Mac”, spans over Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Basically, it is a suspension bridge that connects the Lower peninsulas of Michigan to the Upper. Might Mac Bridge was opened for traffic in 1957. If you like adventure, then you will be going to love this bridge. You can combine a visit to Mackinac Bridge and Island to enjoy the wonders of Michigan. 

Bixby Creek Bridge, Monterey, California

Bixby Creek Bridge is known for its amazing architecture. It attracts crowds of travelers and photographers. This iconic bridge was constructed in 1932 and spans near the Pacific Ocean. Bixby Creek Bridge is an open-spandrel arch bridge that supports the roadway. One should definitely visit this bridge. 

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Opened for traffic in 1883, Brooklyn Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world. This amazing bridge connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. According to a recent survey report, this bustling bridge carries more than 100,000 vehicles, 30,000 pedestrians, and 3,000 cyclists every day. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations around the world. In fact, the Brooklyn Bridge was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1964. 

Bow Bridge, New York City

Bow Bridge is another amazing bridge located in the United States. It looks like a bow and spans over the Lake. The best time to visit this bridge is spring. During spring, flowers and trees around this bridge get colorful and enhance the beauty of this bridge. 

Eads Bridge

Eads Bridge spans the Mississippi River (the largest river in North America) and connects Illinois and Missouri. It is both a railway and a road bridge. Because of its historical significance and innovative design, this bridge was designated as a National Landmark in 1964. In order to explore the beauty of Eads Bridge, you can drive across, walk across or take a ride on the MetroLink train. Apart from this, a separate pathway is there for cyclists and pedestrians. 


Doubtlessly, the United States is filled with thousands of amazing bridges. However, some of them are worth visiting. If you love traveling, then you should visit the amazing historic bridges of America.  


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