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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Green Solutions to Make Your House Clean and Bright

New technologies and easy products may be making your life easier, but have you ever thought about the harmful effects of the products on your health as well as your kids’? The easier products in this context are the cleaners or the chemicals that help you to clean your place. Did you know that your all-purpose cleaners contain ammonia and other harsh chemicals, which can irritate your eyes, skin, nose, and throat? Or the basic ingredients for the window cleaners like ammonia and isopropanol can cause drowsiness or even death if swallowed unknowingly? Well, if you have learnt this now, this is the right time to switch over to some greener and safer cleaning solutions for a better tomorrow.

The article takes you through a few natural cleaning hacks that you can implement right away at your house. Or if you have already hired a helper from a domestic helper agency ask her to follow these natural cleaning techniques.

Green cleaning hacks for a safe and clean home

Before jumping on to the tips, learn about some basic ingredients that go into the making of green solutions. Following are the household items that are essential to make green solutions:

  • Vinegar: The mild acids can remove calcium deposits, grease, wax or grime with ease
  • Baking Soda: A handy item that can remove stains, deodorize and soften your fabric.
  • Lemon: A ubiquitous element that is exceptionally useful as a disinfectant and stain remover as well.
  • Eucalyptus oil: This oil can prevent rust from forming and can work as an excellent disinfectant and deodorant as well.

So, be prepared with the ingredients if you are going to make the cleaning products by yourself. Or, if you have already hired a helper from the best maid agency, direct her with the following instructions.

1. Windows cleaner

Let go of your fancy looking, sweet-scented ammonia-based window cleaners and fill in your cleaning rack with vinegar and water mixture. The mixture is very useful in wiping cleans the greasy surfaces. Mix one part of vinegar with four parts water and a few drops of essential oils. Fill the mixture in a reusable spray bottle and wipe your windows or kitchen counters sparkling clean.

2. Carpet cleaners

Avoid falling for those attractive marketing tactics and opt for simple carpet cleaning solution using baking soda or cornstarch. Vacuum the carpet before sprinkling cornstarch or baking soda all over the carpet. After one hour, vacuum again and you are left with odor free clean rug. To remove the tough stain on the carpet clean it with a solution of soap, & vinegar and scrub with a bristle brush.

3. Disinfectants

Lemon in your cabinet can be your perfect sanitizing agent. Use the lemon extract to sanitize and deodorize your garbage disposal sink. It can be the ideal disinfectant for your kitchen counters and the excellent stain remover for your clothes. Ensure that you wash off that immediately.

Encourage your maid whom you have hired from the best maid agency to follow the natural cleaning hacks mentioned above. Most of the domestic helper agency will train the helpers with essential training programs.

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