How are the School Fees Structured in Dubai?

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Educating your child is a fundamental duty to make them independent and develop their personality. As the world moves ahead faster than before, matching the steps is essential to see growth, and the first initiative to acquire it is enrolling your child in a good school. It would offer the amenities and resources that contribute to making them good citizens and the future of a developing nation.

In the past few years, Dubai has attracted the attention of significant businesses, expanding their ventures into the country and giving people the chance to make a better living and experience a holistic lifestyle overseas. Several expatriate parents move to Dubai not just to make a better living and growth opportunities but also to get their children to study in a good CBSE school that caters to their home country's curriculum and gives them international exposure.

But the genuine concern arises when parents want complete details about school fees in Dubai. So here is an insight into how the school fees Dubai are structured.

Ideally, most schools divide their fee structure into the below mentioned parts:

  • Tuition Fees – This is a term fee charged per term basis.

  • Mandatory Fees – This fees include the cost of books, uniforms, board examination fees wherever applicable, etc.

  • Optional Fees – This includes services you may opt for, like ICT or transport services.

  • Enrolment Fees – This varies for existing students moving to the next grade or new students joining the school. 

While every school may have a different structure and applicable charges, these are the broad categories that are included in the fees you pay. Here are some additional details on the fee structure and how it is applied so that you can comprehend it better.

  • Newly enrolled students must pay an application fee along with enrollment fees. Also, these enrollment fees would be deducted from the tuition fees in Term I. However, the percentage could differ according to school policies. Also, the enrollment fees are nonrefundable.

  • If a child is already studying in the school, the following term would require enrollment fees, but this time, it would be half of what was paid earlier. 

  • Some schools offer discounts on term fees if you have two children (siblings) studying at the same institute. It would help in reducing the fee margin significantly.

  • The payment frequency designed for each term would remain constant. It would be non refundable as it would cover mandatory expenses like uniform expenses, expenses related to books, etc.

  • There would be extra charges for facilities like Information and Communication Technology (ICT) or other electives or curricula in which the school invests time and helps students enhance their skill sets.

  • Students with excellent records can apply for scholarships that may or may not include assessment tests to grant a child the benefit and reduce their tuition fees by a certain amount.

  • The transportation cost is structured so parents can pay it, either by breaking it down along with the term fee payment or choosing to pay the sum annually, whichever feels lighter in their pockets.

  • If a child is related to a staff member or faculty member of the institute, they could get up to a 50% discount on the fees. Now, it might undoubtedly differ from one school to another. But KHDA has a set structure and guidelines for schools in Dubai.


Before enrolling your child in a CBSE school, it is essential to consider their fee structure so you can get your calculation straight and make the right call. Good education matters for your child; that's why when looking at amenities, ensure you see their reasonability to charge a sum in the fee.

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