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Facebook Review Widget: Embed Facebook Reviews on Your Website

Reviews and recommendations are crucial for business as it connects customers with your business.

These are important for building trust with your customers as they come to know about your business from real customers.

As most of the customers are available on social media, connecting with them directly on social media can do wonders for your business.

Facebook is the social media platform where about millions of active users are there, in which your prospective customers are also available.

Thus. you can showcase your customers reviews and recommendations about your business generated from Facebook users.

Facebook review widget is the powerful tool to fetch Facebook feeds and embed on your website.

But why should you use it and what are the benefits of embedding Facebook reviews on your website.

Read out the article and learn about the power of embedding facebook reviews and recommendations on your business website.

Why You Should Use Facebook Reviews And Recommendations?

One of the greatest benefits of using facebook review widget is that it works as an effective social proof tool as well as creating a trustworthy impact on your customers coming to your website.

With this tool you not only show Facebook feeds on your website but also on various digital platforms like signage, event screens, and any other web property where your customers interact with your business.

There are so many benefits of using facebook review widget on your website like:

  • Build Trust Among Customers: Trust is the important element that every brand should build with their customers. However, in this growing competition and trust issues, customers won’t believe in any business easily. One thing that customers are looking for is to learn about the experience from real customers. When they check people are talking about any business on social media, it helps in generating that trust among new customers. Every customer wants to get the same satisfaction with products and services like others, thus displaying facebook feeds on your website and any other web property helps in building trust among your customers.
  • Create Positive Presence Of Brand: When your customer talks positively about your business over Facebook it helps in creating a healthy and positive presence of your brand. Positive reviews and recommendations are great tools for your business that you should use to create a positive presence.
  • Lower Cost Of Promotion And Advertising: Creating promotional content and advertisements require lots of money and even after that there is no surety that it builds trust and positive image of your business. Using facebook review widget is much cheapers and a cost effective solution for your business. In minimal cost, you can fetch quality content that your customers are looking for. Using facebook reviews also increases click-through rate and conversion rate that make use of Facebook review widget cost effective for your business.

How To Make Use of Facebook Review Widget Effectively

It is not important that you use Facebook review widget, but copying and pasting can consume a lot of time. As a marketer you have to do lots of other tasks, thus to avoid this manual work you can use Facebook Review Widget. 

Here below are the different ways by which you can effectively use Facebook Review Widget and embed recommendations on your website and other digital platforms for marketing purposes.

Use Taggbox Widget To Save Time & Money

Saving money and time at the same time creating a strong presence with your customers is what every marketer or owner wants for business.

Taggbox Widget has a complete solution for your business where you can collect, curate, and showcase your facebook customers generated content on your website with a simple code.

You don’t need to have any technical knowledge, it has an easy interface that you can use easily.

  • Create your account with Taggbox widget and start by clicking on the facebook icon.
  • Put the link of Page, page reviews, or album link to collect facebook feeds all together.
  • Customize your Facebooks reviews and recommendations using beautiful themes, layouts, colors, fonts, size, and many more to make it attractive.
  • With moderation option you can select which feed to show and not so that irrelevant feeds cannot be shown to your customers.
  • After making all the changes, you can click to get the code by clicking on the Display button on the left side corner of the screen.

With Taggbox you can embed Facebook reviews and recommendations with all types of CMS like HTML, WordPress, Zoomla, Magento, Wix, Weebly, and many more.

Use Facebook Widget Plugin For Your WordPress Site

If you have a wordpress website,then it is best to use the Facebook Widget Plugin to make the process easier.

You can search for review and recommendation plugins on wordpress for facebook page. Most of the plugins you find are free, however, you can upgrade them accordingly to your marketing purposes.

To use these plugins you have to submit user rights to the plugin only then it can fetch Facebook feeds.

Another disadvantage of using facebook plugin is that you can only embed limited reviews and recommendations.

Utilize Facebook Reviews And Recommendations To Target Audience

As you have already known, reviews and recommendations play a huge role in building a strong presence in your business. In this growing competition, it is the growing need of the business to harness the power of users created content.

Use Facebook review widget to embed such powerful content on your website and convert your visitors into customers.

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