Microsoft Vulnerabilities

How Is Effective Access Director In Eliminating The Risk Of Vulnerabilities?

If you are an average PC user, you have heard of the Microsoft and related software vulnerabilities.

If you are an average PC user, you have heard of the Microsoft and related software vulnerabilities. Of course, most of you have never analyzed them or tried to discover what they mean. But, did you know that most of them could be prevented if you turn off the administrator privileges? Software known as Access Director offers precisely that and we will discuss how effective it is.

Microsoft vulnerabilities: Basics

First of all, we will have to discover what Microsoft vulnerabilities are. Think of them as weak links in the operating system or software. They do exist, and they may be referred to as “bugs’’ at some point. Microsoft is one of the biggest companies when it comes to operating systems so why they offer systems with this issue?

The answer is rather simple. It is impossible for Microsoft developers to detect all bugs while testing an operating system. Even if it is released without a single vulnerability, it may be detected at some point, just due to the fact it will appear in the operating system as a side effect of cooperation between two or more programs.

In another case scenario, we can see that some hackers can discover the weaker (not weak) leaks and explore them making a vulnerability issue. In other words, even an operating system that has no vulnerability, when a hacker discovers how to penetrate it, it willbe tagged as a vulnerability. 

Vulnerabilities come in many different forms, and they can’t be generalized. That’s why we had to divide them into several groups, and we will reveal how effective Access Director is for each one.

Microsoft vulnerabilities

Critical Microsoft vulnerabilities: 94%

The software eliminates the administration access a user has on a computer. By doing it, it can decrease the risk of vulnerabilities by 94% which is impressive. Keep in mind that these vulnerabilities are the most severe of them all and they can have a catastrophic effect on your company or office computer.

The best example of the vulnerability issues in question is the ability of a hacker to insert code and run it as a user. As such, he will be able to install additional software that will track the operations on that computer, send the essential files or corrupt the system, so you will have to reinstall it. Don’t think that anti-virus software is effective. They can block common threats that are basic, and they are unable to prevent hacker attacks.

More complex viruses will be able to take over a computer. What this means is that a person who is controlling the virus will be able to control the infected computer in the same way you can. He will have access to all the files, software and be able to make any modifications. Yes, it can also activate the web camera remotely and watch you through it. 

But, with the software we have mentioned, the risk is significantly decreased. A hacker is unable to perform or to use any of the vulnerability without administrative access. 

Microsoft Office vulnerabilities: 100%

Admin by Request feature is more than just effective in eliminating the risk of utilizing the Microsoft Office vulnerabilities. Due to the complexity of the software, there are a lot of different vulnerabilities that can be exploited. The software provided excellent results by eliminating 100% of the possible hacker attacks and vulnerability exploits.

Although Microsoft Office has a lot of vulnerabilities, almost all of them affect the information of the user. A hacker can see what you are trying and see the important secret that must be kept away from the eyes of hackers. For most companies, this type of hack will cause massive leaks and be responsible for the severe problems with the clients.

Other vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit are focused on the stability of the Microsoft Office. For instance, a code can be inserted, so Office Word has problems with a specific font. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to solve the problem. The only remedy is the complete Microsoft Office re-installation.

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge: 100%

The software is more than just effective with eliminating the risk of exploiting the vulnerabilities of the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge. The result we got is 100% which is impressive.

These vulnerabilities can track and store your internet history, infect social media, company software on cloud and so much more. Luckily, using software that can limit the administrator privilege is proven to be effective. 


Admin by Request is still a unique feature a simple software has to offer, and it is more than just helpful for Microsoft Windows users. It is unlikely that your company’s computer will be affected by any of the Microsoft vulnerabilities. 

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