How much do Kimonos Cost?

A kimono is a classic Japanese clothing item that has been a tradition for centuries. A kimono is one the most significant and prominent wardrobe staples for Japanese people that distinguishes and makes Japan unique compared to other countries. 

Back in the day, a timeless Japanese kimono was famous, and one of the key reasons behind its popularity was its versatility. It is versatile enough to be donned in every season and weather with alterations. But how much do kimonos cost? Let’s find out!

How much do kimonos cost?

The cost varies depending on the kimono’s material. 

A Luxurious Silk Kimono!

An opulent and lavish silk kimono would cost about 176 pounds to 440 pounds or even more.

Yukata/ Cotton Kimono!

Cotton kimono or yukata costs comparatively less than the luxurious silk one, around 26 pounds to 176 pounds. 

Wool Kimono

When it comes to the cost of a wool kimono, it costs more than a silk one, just around 211 pounds, while an average formal kimono costs around 706 pounds. 

You can also check out kimonos that are particularly made for tourists who like purchasing classic Japanese kimonos as a history remembrance and souvenir. These specifically designed kimonos for tourists are made of synthetic material. 

What is the Cost of a Silk Kimono?

A premium quality luxurious silk kimono is the most high-priced kimono type, which generally ranges from 176 pounds to 440 pounds; the price can exceed. 

If you want to purchase an authentic Japanese kimono, one from Japanese Living National Treasures, be ready to pay the most expensive price at 88 thousand pounds. The surprising part is, Japanese people don’t consider it expensive.

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