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Japanese or American: Which Industry Producing Finest Hybrid Cars?

American Hybrid Cars and Japanese Hybrid Cars are enjoying much of the limelight, nowadays, as the oil prices are sky-rocketing and drivers are finding alternatives to protect the planet and save some money.

Due to the burning of oil, chemicals are released into the environment that triggers environmental degradation. However, that doesn’t mean one should switch to a low standard car. Hybrid cars come as a saving grace providing a better option for drivers and restoring luxury in their lives. The smooth driving experience attracted many buyers while America and Japan emerged as the two most significant suppliers of these cars. It’s hard to say which stats are better, as both of the manufacturers have their history of success. However, Hybrid cars are considered red hot in Japanese.

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Since the very first debut of gas-electric hybrids in the American market in the year 1999, hybrids cars make the upswing. Over 4 million hybrid cars are sold in America in 2016. Due to low gasoline prices, a sharp downwards graph is seen in the sales in America from the year 2007. However, after making smaller progress in the year 2014, a downfall is again noted. In the industry of hybrid electric vehicles, Toyota Prius is the leading company, which has sold up to 1643000 vehicles in the year 2016.

On the other hand, Japanese car manufacturers are considered as the prime exporters of finest hybrid cars as compared to the United States. The uniqueness of Japanese cars lies in the key strategies used in the production. Where Toyota stands as the premier car exporters of USA, Honda makes the fabulous sales from all around Japan. The new member of the Honda family “Honda Insight” was awarded as the bestselling hybrid car just when Toyota Prius got introduced back in 2010.

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Honda is said to have sold up to 10481 units of luxurious hybrid cars in Japan. The sales have left behind all previous records.   Furthermore, Toyota sells 10000 Prius per month to the exporters of Japan while introducing the third generation car models. Toyota Prius received 80000 orders that increase its sales up to 20% in Japan. The director of Toyota- Yoichiro Ichimaru stated that majority of the models were new Prius.

These facts and reports highlight that Japan is undoubtedly going ahead in sales from America market. It is stepping forward regarding size and value. Around 60% of the cars purchased in Japan are either hybrid or minicars. However, in 2007 American hybrid sales went five times higher than the Honda Insight. However, in the year 2009 Japanese markets makes a comeback. Moreover, with the PV fuel economy targets established by the Japanese government in 2011, it is predicted that Japanese market share would be increased up to 20% until 2022. The fierce battle between the two states is never-ending. Though as per the market demand, Japanese cars shows a much favorable situation.

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On one side of the ring, US government is offering many green cars incentives, provides while on the other hand, Japan invests around $4 billion to slow down the sales, and motivates consumer towards going to smaller vehicles. It exports a huge percentage of Used Japanese Cars in South Africa while having many new auction houses established throughout the country.

Knowing the economic sales and figures, both of the companies- Toyota and Honda get into a fierce battle by promising consumers to produce more hybrid and efficient cars. Some excellent cars including Accord, Lexus, and Toyota are now getting manufactured in Japan. These cars have handsome exterior and sleek body. Better consumption and proper mileage, along with luxurious interiors make these vehicles a truly class apart. The vehicles are fitted with incredible AWD system that transfer power to rear wheels bringing stability and balance to the vehicle.

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Japan has phenomenally shown a great progress since the time of the first debut of Toyota and Honda Insight now up until now many new models have caught the heartbeats of millions of consumers. The models include 2016 Toyota Prius, 2017 Honda Accord, 2016 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid and many others. The intriguing hybrid cars of Japan have shattered old notions mundane hybrid designs. Along with bringing high-end Japanese hybrid cars, some exotic sports cars are also seen to spread their uncontrollable glamour in the Japanese industry.

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