How Painful Is Auricle Piercing?

One of the most common piercing sites, auricular piercing is quite popular since people often love most of the facts about it.

The auricle is one of the sites where people undergo piercing. It is a mid-point in the cartilage and is the point located between the earlobe and the helix on the outer portion. One of the most common piercing sites, auricular piercing is quite popular since people often love most of the facts about it.

  • It heals well and can heal faster
  • The pain level on the pain scale is less compared to other areas.
  • There is a lot of space around the piercing, so you can try bigger and more innovative designs.
  • It costs less to carry out an auricular piercing. 

When you do an auricular piercing, you can experiment with your look as an earring in that location can change a lot about your appearance. 

Usually, people try labret studs and ear cuffs for auricle piercings. 

The process of auricle piercing is also quite easy. When done manually, a hollow needle is used and quick piercings are done using a piercing gun mostly.

However, when going for such sensitive areas, try to abstain from the use of a piercing gun as such piercings are more prone to infections. Go the manual way, it might take a bit more of your time and you might have to endure a prick or two more, but it is surely one of the most foolproof ways to reduce the chances of infection. Always enquire if your hollow needle is new and not an old, used one. Nowadays, good centers are using disposable varieties, so always watch out for the same as your health is always in your hands.

A small perforation or wound is targeted with a hollow needle and the pore made is always to be filled with a piece of earring jewelry either made of gold or silver. Generally, gold and silver are used as these are the most inert metals with which there is least chance of allergic infections. Another main concern is bacterial or fungal infections in the area.

  • The first way to reduce the chances of any kind of infection is by using gold and silver jewelry. If you do not use an inert metal like gold or silver and instead try jewelry made of the metal types that oxidize or reduce with environmental contact. Those types of metals can harbor infectious agents.

Another kind of metal corrugates more and that way they decay faster, thus using such metals can harm the skin quality of those areas easily. Decreased skin quality can lead to infections.

When you wear reactive metals, you will also encounter allergic reactions when the reactive metals come in contact with your skin and sinews and their molecules react with your body tissues.

  • The second way will be proper cleaning of the freshly punctured area. Use warm and saline water to clean the area appropriately almost three to four times a day to keep infections at bay.
  • The third way is to prevent changing jewelry until your piercing has dried properly.

But, auricle piercing as a whole can cost you barely $20-$30, and the pain level on the pain scale of 1-10 will be somewhere 3-4 after piercing is completed.

If these places are infected or suffer any kind of allergic reactions, they will lead to an increased pain level that can be somewhere from 5 to 6 and will require immediate attention.

Whenever you see redness, pus, or any greenish, slimy layer over and around your piercing, immediately contact the doctor for better guidance.

Thus, here is a bit about the pain level of auricle piercing and if you are reading this, you are probably trying to ascertain the cost of undergoing the piercing. You must have been relieved by now, as you have not much to lose since auricle piercing is low on the pain level. Just take care that your piercer is using a fresh, disposable set of needles and other equipment for piercing your skin and all else will fall into place. 

Auricle Jewelry

Like the helix piercing, the auricle piercing has tons of auricle piercing jewelry styles to choose from. Additionally, the auricle piercing looks amazing in a cluster of cartilage earrings, so feel free to have a little fun!

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