How to Apply for GCMS Notes issued under ATIP for Canada?

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GCMS Notes or Global case management system is an integrated electronic data processing system that is used to track the application of immigration to Canada. It contains all the details of the applicant as well the complete details of the application. It enables the candidate who has applied for Canadian immigration to get every detail at each stage of the verification process. Let’s understand in detail what information is available under GCMS, how to apply for a GCMS note and how long it can take.

As mentioned above GCMS is an online tool where all the information regarding the immigration application is fed. The application has to go through various stages or a number of checks before it can be finally approved. So at each stage, the officials verifying the documents and checking the application make a note. GCMS Notes or ATIP notes help to access those remarks. For example, an officer would check VISA documents and mark whether they are correct or not. Another officer will check the purpose of the visit and the supporting documents and he too shall mark a note of it. Someone else will check the bank statement and ensure there are sufficient funds in the account to stay in the country. Such statements from officers and marked and noted in the application of the candidate. So when the applicant requests his GCMS notes or ATIP notes, he gets all the details related to them.

How to apply for GCMS Notes?

GCMS notes are issued under ATIP which is a federal law of the government of Canada meant for the Canadian citizen and permanent residents of Canada. Hence GCMS notes which can be issued under ATIP notes can be applied only by citizens of Canada. Many authorized agencies also have the right to apply for any information under ATIP Notes. Therefore international applicants who want to track the status of their application have to request their GCMS notes through these authorized agencies or through people whom they know and who are also citizens of Canada. Since GCMS is an online tool, GCMS notes can be applied from within Canada or from outside Canada.

Applicants should make a note that when they seek the help of an authorized representative or agency to fetch details for them, they will be required to sign a consent form. Since the ATIP act deals with the personal information and privacy of the citizens, GCMS notes of any random person can’t be shared with just anyone. Hence, a consent form acts as proof that you have authorized external agencies to fetch your application detail on your behalf.

How and when it is delivered?

GCMS notes is a 35-40 page report that is being sent electronically through mail or can be requested as a paper statement. The agency fetching your details will send your GCMS notes or ATIP notes as per your requirement. The normal processing time of the GCMS note is 30 days. Since it is handled by a governmental department under IRCC, express delivery or urgent services aren’t available for the same. Once the report is generated, you will receive your notes within 30-35 days of your application. Depending upon the type of notes, the processing fees can differ. You can check the same with the GCMS notes provider agencies and they will help you with the appropriate costing.

Hope you are clear on what GCMS notes or ATIP notes are and how international applicants can apply for the same with the help of authorized agencies. If your IRCC application is rejected and you want to check where it went wrong, then you can contact Worldwide transcripts to request GCMS notes for your application. Along with the reasons for your application rejection, you will also be provided with suggestions on how you can re-apply and how you can get your next immigration application approved. 

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