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How to Check the SAT Score?

The process of checking SAT scores and waiting for them can be challenging for candidates. SAT scores are mostly released after three to six weeks of the SAT Exam. The test is scored on a scale of 400-1600. In India, candidates are more likely to understand the percentile method score, so it has become necessary to have a data table for interpreting SAT and Subject Test scores. In this article, candidates will get to know about multiple ways to check the SAT score. 

Access SAT Score Online

Candidates can access the SAT Result online on their College Board profile by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to the website 

Candidates can visit the College Board website and sign in using their username and password to check the SAT score online. After signing in, candidates can see the list of most recent SAT scores on the screen. 

  1. Click on the “Get Your Scores” link.

After logging in to the College Board website, candidates will know that the SAT scores are available from the homepage. Click on the link that says “Get Your Scores” to get redirected to the scores page. 

Candidates can see the link that says “View Your Scores” and an alert on the top of the page for the recently released SAT score. 

  1. View the score

Candidates can see the most recent SAT scores on the top of the screen. All the details regarding the SAT Exam date, the total score, and broken down reading, writing, and math scores will be available on the website. 

In the total score, candidates can see the score of two separate sections of SAT. Candidates can also see the section-wise score for reading, writing, and math. 

Other Ways to Check Your SAT score.

Apart from checking the SAT Result online, there are other alternative ways to check the score, including:

  • Paper score report 

If the candidates do not have the College Board account and have registered for the SAT by mail, they will receive a paper copy of their score. Candidates registered for SAT online must inform authorities that they want the paper score in addition to an online report. 

  • Scores by phone 

Candidates can also get the SAT score by calling College Board customer service. For getting scores on a phone call, candidates will have to provide their registration number and birth date to the College Board customer service.  

Candidates can get the registration number on the test admission ticket, and they will have to pay a certain amount to get the scores on a phone call. 

  • Printing the scores

Candidates can also print their scores from the desktop. To print the score, they can visit the online score report, click on the view details button, and then download the report from the screen’s top right corner.

Some Other Relevant Information’s 

Students may find the SAT score checking process difficult and complicated. Read this information to solve some SAT score-related issues.

  • Checking college readiness  

Candidates can get several reports based on their SAT scores by clicking “view details” on the College Board profile. The first thing students can see is college readiness based on their particular subject score. Candidates can see their score on the line that is distributed into red, yellow, and green categories.

The green area indicates that a student has met or exceeded the benchmark for college readiness. The Red or yellow indicates that the student has failed to hit the benchmark. Candidates can see the minimum score required for the benchmark in the test. 

  • Score assessment 

Candidates can determine their score, whether it is good, bad, or excellent while checking it. The SAT scores come with the national percentile ranking that helps students know their test position. 

  • Know the super score 

Candidates can determine their super score and use it in some colleges. For a super score, students can choose the two highest scores to make their total score.
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