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What is the best way to prepare for the CBSE class 10 maths Examination?

Class 10 plays a vital role in the life of every student. This is the first board and also important exam students face. So, your score in every subject including Mathematics matters a lot for scoring a good result. This is the class where students can understand their eligibility to choose different streams like Science, Arts and Commerce. To score well, you have to work hard. Only your hard work will allow you to choose a perfect stream for a bright future.

You can choose any reference book to practice for earning good marks in maths. This is one of the most scoring subjects where students can increase their total marks in the result. Most of the students get afraid of this subject due to its wide range of important questions and difficulty in solving those problems which will trigger the logical and reasoning side of every student and number and calculation skills. Thereby, you can use any question banks to practice more and score good marks. India has two major school boards named CBSE and ICSE. Except for these two, there are many state government boards present in the country.

List Of Some Chapters In Maths Find In Class 10:  

You can find 15 chapters which are common in almost every board and they are:

  • Chapter 1:    Real number system
  • Chapter 2:    Circle
  • Chapter 3:    Polynomials
  • Chapter 4:    Triangles
  • Chapter 5:    Arithmetic
  • Chapter 6:    Coordinate Geometry
  • Chapter 7:    Trigonometry      introduction
  • Chapter 8:     Quadratic equation
  • Chapter 9:     Pair of linear equation
  • Chapter 10:   Applications of trigonometry
  • Chapter 11:   Construction
  • Chapter 12:   Circle area
  • Chapter 13:   Statistics
  • Chapter 14:   Surface area and volume
  • Chapter 15:   Probability

You may find some different chapters also in some state government boards of the country.

Techniques To Score Good Marks In All Exams:

You can’t score good marks without planning and knowing the techniques which one should follow in exams. Here, we can guide you through some techniques and some important tips by discussing some point in the following list:

  • Identify your strength and weaknesses and practice hard

Marks of Class 10 will decide your door that you should knock to brighten your future. So, put your effort and time to improve your skills in maths. First, find out those chapters in which you are weak and those chapters which are your strength. It is necessary to practice the weak chapters again and again and improve eventually. Always remember practise makes one perfect, so keep practising without getting panicked. Try to maintain a good rapport with your teachers and guides. Ask them for help without any hesitation or you can take some guidance from online classes also.

  • The level of difficulty in Class 10 Maths

Class 10 Maths acts as a building block of Class 11 and 12 Maths. So, you have to understand clearly, because if you have a crystal clear basic idea, you can easily solve the maths of higher classes. So, put your full efforts into it. Two chapters in Class 10 Maths such as Trigonometry and Arithmetic are previous year chapters but in Class 10, these two chapters are quite different. If you wish to earn some remarkable scores, then practice more and more to sharpen your mind and increase your speed.

  • Identify difficult but important topics

First of all, you have to identify the chapters from which you can score good marks. It’s better to start with these chapters like Probability, Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry because these chapters will take more time if your concept is not clear. Statistics is a hard chapter for students, they have to make their concepts clear. It’s your responsibility to have clear concepts in each chapter. Chapters like Circle, Real number, and Arithmetic are easier for you. Then, solve Quadratic equation, Construction, Application of Trigonometry chapters because these can take much time to have a clear concept. Trigonometry takes much more time to get a clear concept. Trigonometry tests your logical skills, so you have to put all your effort to understand each exercise very carefully.

  • Revise to build more confidence and release your stress

Put all your effort and time to become a mastermind in Maths. Your hard work will pay off when the right time comes, so keep practising. If you want an extraordinary result, then you have to love this subject wholeheartedly. Practice those chapters in which you are very weak and revise those chapters in which you are strong. Focus a bit less on the chapters on which you are strong and practice more the hardest one, because you need more time to clear the toughest chapters.  Finally, best of luck for your bright future.

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