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How to Combine PDF Files on Mac Desktop Instantly?

How to Combine PDF Files on Mac Desktop easily? learn the manual and professional solutions for merging PDF mac without any formatting.

Summary: We are sure you have been receiving Adobe PDF file documents either related to personal work or official purpose. So, whatever the case is, more and more PDF file continuously makes the hard drive fishy. Hence, it is quite important to combine two PDFs Mac to make the mailbox clutter free. So, here you can learn how to combine PDF files on Mac without interrupting your existing data.

In this article, we are going to describe the possible methods where you can merge two or multiple PDF files together.

We all know that all Mac operating systems comes with a default viewer application for PDF/ pictures that is called “Preview”. Hence, you can merge your PDF file documents easily using this free application. Thus, you can either combine two PDF files or merge some parts of a PDF with another as required.

Now, let’s learn how you can perform these methods one by one to join the PDF together.

How to Combine PDF Files on Mac OS Using Preview?

  1. Open the PDF documents on your PC of any version >> ‘View’ option >> ‘Thumbnails’ to view thumbnails of the PDF pages in the sidebar.
  2. After this, you can locate the path to put the other PDF document, choose a page thumbnail.
  3. Tap on the ‘Edit’ option >> click ‘Insert’ option >> mouse-click “Page from File” for moving further
  4. Now, tap on the file and choose the PDF file that you need to join together, then click Open option
  5. Afterwards, for saving the newly created combined PDF file, choose File >> ‘Export as PDF’ icon

Important Note: If you have any restricted/ encrypted Adobe PDF files documents then they cannot be merged. So, to check out the file restrictions of a PDF, click Tools option > choose ‘Show Inspector’.

Limitations of Manually for Merging

  1. This process is quite long and may or may not be provide accurate results.
  2. Moreover, you need to install the Adobe Acrobat application for combining two PDF files.
  3. Likewise, you just have to look out the file that is not restricted or encrypted with any passwords.

Combine PDF Files on Mac without Acrobat Securely

Above solution using Preview option is only good when it comes to combine two PDFs Mac and for basic joining the documents. But in case if you have multiple PDF documents saved on PC and want to merge a certain range of pages of each PDF file? Then what? Seems something horrific? No worries, we have got you covered with a solution.

In this situation, you need to look for a professional and reliable solution to merge PDF Mac machine.

So, using the PDF Merger for Mac operating machine you can simply resolve this query in minutes. As this is the professional application that can be used by lawyers, paralegals, cyber forensics, etc. Moreover, here, you get multiple options to add advanced filters for resulted merged Adobe PDF document.

Learn when Mac preview not combine PDFs

Step by Step Guide to Merge PDF on Mac Instantly

To ease your pain we will shared the best method here on how to combine multiple PDF files without Acrobat on Mac. To know about it, just download the above suggested tool on any Mac version and follow the steps for merging –

  1. To initiate the process, tap on the “Merge” option after launching the tool for merging multiple PDF files in single file
  2. Here, just either tap on the “Add Files“ or “Add Folder” to add as many Adobe PDF documents as you want.
  3. After that, press the “Next” button to merge PDF Mac operating machine
  4. For combing the required PDF page ranges of different portable document files, just tap on the “Merge PDF by Range” tab. But, if you do not want to set page range, then the tool will automatically consolidate
  5. Just after this, you can create a new PDF file or just choose to add an existing PDF document as necessary
  6. Eventually you have to click on the “Merge” button to start combining all the required PDFs together on Mac


Having multiple Adobe PDF document files and freeing up the space can be the major concern. As for the same, we have shared some method on how to combine PDF files on Mac computer. Here, we have shared manual and professional approaches to ease this task. Given solutions will help you to ease your pain to merge PDF Mac OS completely. However, you can choose any technique as per your need for combining. But, if in case, you have more than two Adobe PDF document files and you want to join them together. Then, we highly recommend you to go for the professionally tested solution and merge PDF on Mac easily.

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