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How to use Big Data While Developing a Mobile Application?

In this digital world, there are nearly five billion phone users and the mobile app development industry is at its peak. Along with the enhancement of smart apps for both the internal and external customers, there is a great need to keep pace with technological advancement. Big data app developers play predominant role in innovating different features to suit the customer. 

What do you mean by Big Data and its importance?

Big data is nothing but a larger one and it can offer a detailed interpretation of the user. The reality is the amount of data has exceeded the petabyte level. This information is growing at a rapid level and it is stored globally; expected to the yottabyte level. Data which was created a few years back is minimum that of unstructured data. 

Usage of high-level analytics takes a large figure of data to its relevant one. They are the most needed to enhance innovative apps and also maximize the use of pre-existing ones. From the above points, you can get clear information about how big data is forming a stronger foundation for mobile app development. On the other side of the flip, it also influences the marketing structure of the business to a high level. Big data plays an important role in mobile app development in several ways. 

Know your customer needs    

Generally, a smart app meets all the expectations of the users in a better way. With the aid of big data, one can determine the devastating volume of data that is generated on a regular basis and convert it into respective insights. For formulating newer ideas and enhancing the capabilities, several factors should be considered such as the backgrounds, age groups, and lifestyles etc. 

For example, the gigantic Uber service uses big data in an efficient manner to improve its customer service. Once the request is raised for a cab service, Uber analyzes different conditions such as the traffic conditions, availability of the driver and the estimated time etc. Finally, it provides precise details about time and cost estimation for better interaction. 

Drive deeper analysis of user experience

After understanding the customer needs, it is better to know how the users use the app. With the involvement of big data technology, one can go ahead with the user experience which is the most important step. Then, evaluate the interaction for each and every feature; determine most desired features and its vital elements too. Finally, by collecting data, create a list of features that are in demand, plan for the advanced modifications in the design and increase user experience etc. 

Work with real-time data

Today’s business should be an updated one along with the changing trends in order to win the competitors. It helps to have the best deal by evaluating real-time data; typically data-driven decisions can bring many changes in customer satisfaction and thus bringing good revenue. By using big data analytics, fitness apps track real-time health data and exclusive habits in order to enable amazing lifestyle choices. 

Construct the right marketing strategies

To opt for the right marketing analysis, lists of elements are taken into consideration such as likes, dislikes, needs, and expectations etc. Target the audience at the right time without fail. Push notifications, different types of strategies and decisions are used to increase customer’s engagement. Big data can be used in different fields such as examining user’s demographic data, purchase patterns and social behavior to alter marketing messages according to requirements. With these right strategies, ultimately increase satisfaction and focus on profit. 

Enable personalization 

Big data enables to improve search process and make it a perceptive one. From the customer’s interaction, prioritization takes place and delivers a contextual experience. It is possible to group data along with enhanced features to provide smarter self-service for instant results. Most of the e-commerce websites use big data to offer a list of product implications based on the user’s purchase history. At the same time, they also deliver more or less similar products and deliver a better shopping experience to customers. 

A complete era of marketing

At present, both Artificial Intelligence and Big data are transforming its unique path based on mobile app design where marketers can explore a reliable link between email platforms and mobile apps. Utilization of big data analytics is important for organizations who are targeting one and only users. Starting from business to intelligence level, marketing is a beneficial one. 

The gigantic company Apple has already adopted supply chain management functions to increase marketing benefits. Extract useful data from a list of supply chain points and forecast the future by applying protocols of predictive analysis. It is better to offer a well-defined user experience in a concerned mobile interface. Mobile apps are preferable one when compared to computer apps because their features are simple and also easy to use. 

Drive revenue at the right time 

In this gigantic world, the mobile app has become an important element for communication strategies for enterprises. It is estimated that the mobile app market reaches about two hundred billion dollars by the year 2020. Thousands of organizations are optimizing mobile apps each and every day, technologies such as big data upgrades app performance and increase user engagement. Here, real data offer a better experience that satisfies the expectations of users in an efficient manner. In case, if mobile is connected to market strategy, it is said that most of the big data is initialized to build better mobile apps that drive greater revenue.

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