Malwarebytes Opening Error?

How to Deal with Malwarebytes Opening Error?

Error on opening Malwarebytes is one of the most common errors which mostly appears when you are using it with another security program. This antivirus allows the user to disable and enable the features accordingly. When you get the error check for the compatibility and conflict issues.

Possible reasons for Malwarebytes, not opening:

  1. You have installed a corrupt Malwarebytes setup
  2. Another antivirus is conflicting with your Malwarebytes
  3. RAM is fully occupied
  4. Malwarebytes related registry files get corrupted
  5. Some program is conflicting with Malwarebytes

Best solutions for fixing Malwarebytes not opening error:

Restart your device

Restarting the system is one of the most common and best solutions for fixing Malwarebytes related errors. The Malwarebytes can get into error when the device is seeking any runtime error. Close your Malwarebytes antivirus and shut down the device. Now restart the PC and try to open Malwarebytes.

Check the RAM usage

Your Malwarebytes can show loading errors when your RAM is fully occupied. Sometimes the user has many processes running in the background. These processes occupy lots of RAM space. You have to end all the unnecessary processes from the task manager.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys from the keyboard
  2. Go to the task manager
  3. Select the Processes tab
  4. Now click on the Process you want to end
  5. Hit the Delete button or choose the End task button

Remove all the tasks which are occupying lots of RAM space. These processes get started when the Windows open. You should keep minimal programs to start with the OS. You can easily stop Malwarebytes from starting with Windows. Open your Malwarebytes program and navigate to the settings page. Go to the Security tab and search for Windows startup. Now uncheck the Windows startup option and your Malwarebytes won’t run on Windows startup.

Check another antivirus program

If you have another antivirus then check all its features. Make sure you have set the Malwarebytes features according to it. Sometimes the same feature is enabled on both devices which starts conflicting. If your firewall is enabled on another security program then ensure that you have disabled it on Malwarebytes. If the Malwarebytes is still not open, try to uninstall another antivirus from the device and then open Malwarebytes.

Delete all the system junk

Delete the temporary files from your computer. These files are usually harmless and only accumulate your free disk space. But sometimes they may interrupt your programs. So whenever you get into any error, you should try removing all the temporary files and other PC junk. For Windows PC, you can use the clean manager tool which automatically scans all the junk on your device and removes it. You can also use the %temp% command for temporary files. But using a clean manager will remove all junk including the temporary files.

  1. Click on the start button
  2. Go to the run bar
  3. Type cmd on the run wizard
  4. Press the Enter button
  5. You may get the permission screen
  6. Click on Allow button

Now you will get a black screen; type cleanmgr and press the Enter button. Wait until the clean manager tool scans the device. Now click on the files you want to delete from the list and restart your computer. Click on Malwarebytes and check whether your antivirus is running or not.

Check the free disk space

Some programs on your device can start showing errors when the device is running out of free disk space. If the device has less space then delete the large files like movies, games, etc. Instead of deleting the files and programs; you can use the SSD. After increasing the free disk space, try to open your Malwarebytes antivirus.

Last words

Your Malwarebytes can show the error when its program files get corrupted or deleted. You have to reinstall the Malwarebytes on your device. Uninstall the old Malwarebytes from your PC and install a fresh Malwarebytes setup and then check for the error.

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