Cold Weather Hunting

How To Do Cold Weather Hunting Prepration

If you have spent your time in hunting in the freezing winter, maybe someone asked you “Why do you go hunting in this cold weather? So the question is valid!

So the country where you are living, winter can be taken on various meanings. It all depends on where you are in the Country.  From snow, bitterly cold temperatures, and constant cold wind in the high fields…to the mid-’50s and rainfall in the southerly states.  It does not matter where you hunt and where you live, wintertime conditions are always be challenging for not only the wildlife regions but for you as well. Hunting in the cold areas is not an easy task that is why cold weather hunting success needs good knowledge, the right equipment, and preparation!

Why To Hunt In Cold Weather?

If you have spent your time in hunting in the freezing winter, maybe someone asked you “Why do you go hunting in this cold weather? So the question is valid!  It is sometimes very cold and not enjoyable at all, and maybe you also faced situations sometimes that only thing you wanted to grab your cold weather kit and head toward the truck.  However, the main reason of doing hunting in cold weather is that the cold weather gives hunters amazing opportunities to collect big fish like mule deer, whitetails, or caribou as well as to witness nature at its finest.  When the winter season conditions set in, and food sources become limited, wildlife species from the big game, predators, and waterfowl even songbirds get very active, which makes your time more enjoyable in the field. If you can face these conditions, then cold weather hunting can be one of the best times for hunting.

Cold Weather Hunting

Cold Weather Hunting Gear

There are two essential points of cold weather hunting that before hitting the field you make sure you have covered. Make sure that you are well equipped to handle critical situations. Make sure that you have bought the appropriate stuff that is considered to treat the super cold conditions that winter brings.

Cold Weather Hunting

What Type Of Clothes You Should Wear?

It is really important to wear proper outwear to get protected from extreme cold conditions. Browning apparel such as the Hells Canyon Primaloft 4-1 Parka has several features that will keep you warm, dry and covered while controlling the winter conditions. Essential aspects of cold weather hunting are maintaining your core temperature and being able to adjust your body heat.  Covering yourself with a durable base layer is necessary as well as assuring that your remote parts of the body such as your head, hands, and feet are insulated and covered with best-hunting socks. The cold gets in quicker through these body parts than any other area of the body, so make sure that you have your excellent set of footwear and gloves ready to roll. Make sure not to use any cotton material.  Unlike synthetics, cotton does not insulate and wick away moisture, and gets wet as wool does.

Cold Weather Hunting

What Type Of Footwear You Should Choose?

The cold weather series footwear from Woods N’ Stream, just like the Mountain Ridge, provide 2040  3m gram Thinsulate™ are all parts of cold weather equipment that you should have when hunting big game or small game in chilled weather. This footwear also provides X-Static odor control to make your hunt comfortable and odor free.  Feet are one of the first parts of the body which gets cold during hunting, and once your feet get cold, the entire body gets cold.  If you’re concentrating on your body being cold, you certainly won’t enjoy it, and you can’t be able to stay in the hunt mentally.

animal Footprint Cold Weather Hunting

Why Nutrients Are Important For Your Body?

Many hunters probably don’t think about nutrition as they should, but when you have to do hunting in cold weather and being exposed to the many things, it is a usually underrated piece of the puzzle.  Being able to manage and circulate your body heat is an integral part of being able to manage cold weather hunting.  However, a person who has a good physical condition can control the fatigue and stress that can be caused by cold weather hunting as compared to someone who is in less than optimal shape. When it is cold, it is critical to keep yourself hydrated, because in cold weather people don’t get thirsty as usually do in warmer temperatures.  It is necessary to make an effort to drink plenty of water, juices and important nutrients throughout the day.

At the end of the article I would like to give you a piece of special advice that whether you hunt in the north or the south, the cold weather hunting stress can surely make your body tired and toll.  However, it is necessary to make sure that your body is in its most optimal state, and the only way to get your body in the best physical condition is a proper diet and exercise. A line of supplements and protein will add an extra kick to your workout routine and support your body to perform better under an extreme environment like cold weather hunting.

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