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How Are You Saving Money By Online Shopping

You don’t have to forsake your favourite brick and mortar shop forever, but, if you’re on a mission and have a budget, online shopping is almost always your best bet

If you’re like the billions of people who shop online worldwide, the convenience and comfort of online shopping already makes this commercial pursuit more than worth it. But what if there was another reason to love shopping online? A big reason. A reason so compelling that you’ll rethink stepping foot in a brick and mortar store ever again.

That’s right: kicking back with your coffee and bunny slippers and shopping in your jammies not only sounds like heaven, but it’s easy on your wallet too.

Keep reading. You’re about to learn how.

1. Less Stress = More Money

Malls and shops can be a harried place. Anyone who’s ever had to shoulder their way through a crowd of preening preteens clustered around the pretzel kiosk can attest to the fact that shopping in the flesh is far from relaxing. This unnecessary anxiety can be compounded by pushy salespeople, and by the fact that many of us feel that since we made the effort to drive to the mall, we have to get something. Even if it’s not what we really want.

By comparison, shopping online is a day at the spa. You can shop at your leisure, and when you’re more relaxed, you’re less likely to make expensive, pressured decisions. You’ll have the clarity to make mindful, financially prudent choices.

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2. Time is Money

It happens: you buy items you don’t need, thinking you’ll return the surplus, but somehow, six months later, the bag is still sitting on that chair in your bedroom that’s supposed to be used for reading, and the return period is long over. You’re time is always worth something, and for many of us, this time is filled with things we have to do: work, care for family, go to school, maintain the home. Running off to the mall doesn’t always make the list of priorities, and as a result, items go unreturned and money is wasted.

People are far more likely to return items they buy online for the same reasons they shop online in the first place: it’s generally more convenient. All you have to do is drop it in the mail, or stop into the post office, and you’re done. The money will be back in your account soon.

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3. Background Check

People who shop online also have the luxury of being able to immediately access reviews of the products which they are thinking of purchasing. Be it on the site itself, on forums or via Google reviews, you can get a solid sense of what you are buying and make an informed choice. When in doubt, you can ask for a review and allow the hive-mind to fill you in. Unlike when you shop at a store, when you shop online, you have access to a multitude of people who can give you their opinion on the product or service you’re interested in buying.  As a result, you’re more likely to get what you want the first time and be saved the bother of returns (even if they are more convenient) or having to spend money replacing a subpar product.

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4. Keep Your Distance

From the brain-numbing effects of being immersed in commercial culture at a store, to being suckered into uncessary impulse buys, shopping in the flesh can result in more money spent on average. When you’re perusing online, you have the luxury of keeping your distance from the siren-song of commercialism. You can fill your cart to your heart’s content, and then take a step back and consider before clicking ‘checkout’. There’s no pressure: you don’t have a line up forming behind you and a cashier staring you down. You can remove an item from your cart  — or abandon your cart altogether  — with no judgment from anyone.

The distance afforded by online shopping ultimately means that you will be more mindful of your purchases, taking the time you need to make the best decision for yourself, and your bank account.

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5. Easy Access Promos

Before you even start online shopping, you can easily source the web for the best online promotions for your product. Promo codes, discounts, and deals abound, and you can use them to make sure you are getting the very best price for your purchase. To get all the best promos in one place, simply search for them. For example, you want a fresh, new pair of Chucks, search ‘promo codes for Chucks’. Presto! The promos will roll in. Pick that one that’s most relevant to your needs.

There you have it: five indisputable ways shopping online saves you money. You don’t have to forsake your favourite brick and mortar shop forever, but, if you’re on a mission and have a budget, online shopping is almost always your best bet.


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