Airport Security Screening

How to Make Airport Security Screening Process Smoother

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Getting through airport security is a rather annoying and time-consuming procedure at the airport. It is among the most frustrating tasks before completing the boarding process.

Dressing smartly helps you to reduce the stresses. Go through the rules given by theTransportation Security Administration (TSA) regarding the travel packing.

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Go through the guidance below that can help you to sail through the TSA security and stress-free access to your gate:

  • Pack Smartly

Pack Smartly

Check out the guidelines from TSA to see which items you need to place in checked-in luggage and which are allowed to be carried in the carry-on baggage. Review the policy of your airline to find out any change in the checked luggage fee and rules, since you travelled last time. Avoid the things that are prohibited to be carried with you during the travel. Avoid packing expensive items like a camera, laptop or jewelry in the check-in luggage. Pack your prescripted drugs in the carry-on bag.

  • Carry travel documents with you

Carry travel

Do not forget to bring your identity card, driving license, passport and military id card with you to the airport. Your identity card must mention your name, date of birth, gender and expiry date clearly.

  • Pack your prescripted medication

Pack medicine

The 100 ml liquid limit is not applicable to the medications, but you must inform the TSA screeners about carrying drugs with you and show them for inspection. If you have packed all your medicines in one place, it will be a lot easier for you and the screeners to complete the checking process quickly. Do not forget to declare at the checkpoint in case you are carrying an insulin pump or another medical device with you.

  • Laptop handling

Airport Laptop


Upon reaching the metal detector, take out the laptop from the bag to pack in a separate plastic bin. You can not place any other thing in this bag along with the laptop.

  • Remove any metal or jewelry

Any large metal object on your dress will set off the detector, hence dress for the flight sensibly. Pack the belts having large buckles, bangles, bracelets and any extra cash in the carry-on luggage only.

  • Dress carefully

Have you gone for body piercing? Do not forget to take off the jewelry before heading to the screening process. Wear slip-on shoes as they are easily removable. Get ready for pat-down screening if your clothes are too loose. Avoid wearing multiple layers of clothing.

  • Special screening

Travelers with mobility issues, wheelchairs, and any medical device also have to go through the screening process. Wheelchairs and scooters are physically screened and inspected by TSA screeners. Smaller mobility aiding devices like Walker is passed through the X-ray machine. You must be ready for a private screening if the screeners need to check your device.

Reach the screening checkpoint with a positive mental approach. Stay alert while packing the carry-on items in the plastic bins, so that you might not miss any of your expensive items. Thieves stalk at the airport security checkpoints and take advantage of any passenger who seems to be confused and frustrated while packing the items at the end of screening lane. Try to be polite and smiling throughout the screening process; cheerful passengers are provided better services than the annoying ones! Never try to make bomb or gun jokes to prove yourself humorous and jolly.  TSA screeners seriously consider bomb and gun talks as terrorism!

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