Snow World Mumbai

Everything You Need to Know About Snow World Mumbai

The summers are getting to us and the kids and to top it off, the kids have their summer holidays. Summer holidays mean going out, enjoying and having a great time. But, due to the scorching heat, it becomes very difficult to plan anything. Hill stations are the most visited places during this time but, that involves a lot of days to be kept free and of course a heavy wallet. Your best bet to avoid all this is the Snow world Mumbai which is a real life indoor snow theme park. It is located at the Phoenix Marketcity center at Kurla.

The activities in the snow world are:

Snow World Mumbai

  • You can get an insight to the lives of Eskimos. A deep understanding on how do they survive in this weather throughout the year and other fun facts are portrayed.
  • As the name suggests, there are options of ice skating on ice skating blades or a Toboggan which in itself is an exceptional experience.
  • There is a fantastic snow sledding activity which will give you the feeling of Christmas.
  • For kids too, there are a lot of things to do like the kiddie carousel. What is it all about? The experience cannot be put down in words so, go and take a feel of it to know more. 
  • One of the best things to do here is the snow dance. Tag your kid along and groove to the music for unlimited fun.
  • Who doesn’t love snow fights? But, Mumbai hardly experiences winter,let alone a snowfall. Your dream will come true in this theme park.
  • Ice slides are the most favorite attraction of the snow world. The feeling of sliding down these freezing slides are out of this world.
  • Snowboarding is a combination of skiing and boarding.

The ticket price is around 600 rupees per person for one hour and you will get everything included right from the snow gear to the activities.

Snow World Mumbai

Frequently asked questions 

Is it suitable for infants?

Children of all age groups are permitted in snow world Mumbai. For infants, the entry is free and for kids above the age of 2, the ticket cost is at actual.

Are senior citizens allowed in the park?

Yes, Anyone and everyone is allowed in the theme park.

Are pregnant women allowed in the park?

Due to the slippery nature of snow,  pregnant women are not permitted in the park to avoid any possibilities of a mishap. 

Is all the necessary gear provided to keep us warm?

Yes, everything right from parka jacket, safety shoes, hand gloves, hood etc are provided to adults and children to keep you warm in the chilling weather.

Snow World Mumbai


Everything in the theme park is designed with keeping the measures of safety in mind. Their staff is well trained to help you enjoy all the activities while being safe.

Some important safety rules to be kept in 

  • Due to the slippery nature of snow, you need to watch your step.
  • Socks are mandatory. It is recommended to carry your own pair of socks but, in the circumstance that you haven’t carried one, you could purchase a fresh pair from the counter.
  • For your safety and comfort, you are advised not to enter inside snow chamber in case of:
    Suffering from any medical problems related to heart, cold or allergy
    Feeling sick
    Suffering from any condition that could be aggravated by this experience.
  • First Aid Services are provided here.

Do not miss visiting the snow world Mumbai for a great icy cool experience. Head here with your entire family to experience the chilled temperature and beat the heat this summer.

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