How To Pick the Right Watch for the Workplace

This guide and a fancy boutique for timeless luxury watches will help you in your watch shopping. Either for yourself or one of your office buddies.

Men’s wrist watches show their personality and sense of style. The timepieces have a delicate quality to them that makes them precious and essential items. Specially when worn at a workplace. A watch can make or break your career, given the impression it will leave on your superior.

A watch, like a tie, or a cufflink adds a subtle touch to any formal ensemble, making it sharper and richer. So it is critical to make sure you are wearing the correct watch. Since you want it to accentuate your outfit rather than detract from it. A luxury diamond watch with a black shirt is a perfect match if you want to bling up your work energy.

So, to help you accessorize and pick the right watch for a professional environment, we have come up with an informative guide for you to follow. This guide and a fancy boutique for timeless luxury watches will help you in your watch shopping. Either for yourself or one of your office buddies.

1. Get a Grasp of Your Office Environment

Every workplace is different. Some are very professional and adhere to a tight code of behavior, while others are more fun and laid-back. You must determine the precise type of your workplace before you decide on your watch. There are three types of office environments. And according to them, you can decide on what type of watch to wear.

  • Professional Corporate Environment

This kind of office space only tolerates suits and ties. Anything less, will not only be frowned upon, but you actually might get a call from HR. So to match up, you need to steer clear of any gaudy or loud watches and stick to simple classic ones. Wear a watch with a classic steel bracelet or a leather strap in deep colors like black or brown. Elements like these will make them take you seriously as your watch will neither be bland or too flashy.

  • Business Casual Environment

Nowadays, business casual has become the standard style in most workplaces. So it is more likely that you will fall under the category of working in this kind of environment. There is no definite way to describe business casual as it will depend on other factors like size of the company, climate, culture, number of employees, geography, etc. However, it generally means projecting a professional business-esque image while donning a more casual and relaxed attire. This obviously gives you more flexibility while choosing your outfit and accessories like stylish, sleek watches. Any watch from the above category will work in this environment also. But you can explore other options which are a little less safe yet read smart. Play around with colors, go for burgundy or blue dials and textured leather straps. Just make sure that it balances your entire look and isn’t too unorthodox.

  • Casual Office Environment

This kind of environment is usually found in marketing, advertisement, or other creative fields. Places like these normally allow you to wear colorful and comfortable articles of clothing. As the more relaxing your ensemble the better you will be able to work in a creative way. And the good news is if you are one of the lucky individuals working in a casual office environment, you can go bonkers with your watch choice. But make sure it goes with what you’re wearing. Nothing is off-limits, choose watches with colorful dials, like orange or green, and play around with different kinds of straps. You can even add a bit of sparkle by choosing a luxury diamond watch. Choose from a fancy boutique whatever gets your creative juices flowing.

2. When in Doubt Take Most of the Color Out

If you are not sure under which of the above categories your workplace fits. Or you are just about to start your job and don’t yet have the feel of the work culture there. Then the best thing to do is choose watches with diluted colors. If you are selecting a rolex green dial watch then make sure it isn’t bright or neon green. Choosing a watch with muted color guarantees not only matches the rest of your formal ensemble but also accents other pieces. Some colors to consider are dark blue, black, dim brown, and dark grey or a good old white dial watch.

3. Watch Should Match the Image You Wish to Project

You are probably familiar with the saying, “dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” So sometimes it may not matter what the atmosphere is like in your office. Because you might wanna project a very individualistic image with your watch choice. If you want to convey authority and confidence, you can select some heavy-hitters like a rolex green dial watch with studded diamonds. Even if your designation is not that high for such a watch, wearing it will be a power move. And you might get noticed by upper management for pulling it off with confidence.

4. Straps Are As Important as Dials

Ornaments are there for adding some zing to your appearance. Be it cufflinks or a silver tie pin every little addition matters. And so do the straps of your watch. Many become so engrossed by the colored and artful dials that they often ignore the significance of the straps. When it comes to office wear, the straps of your watch matter a lot. Sometimes even more than dials as they are more visible. People will have to really look to see the specific design of your dial. But everyone can easily see the straps, so it’s best to go for a metal or leather bracelet. A rolex datejust stainless steel watch with oyster bracelet or a simple white dial with matte leather straps are perfect for work attire. Metal straps complement your go-to dark suit, while a leather strap gives dimension to your everyday shirt and trouser pair.

5. Opt for Sleek and Stylish Instead of Loud and Gaudy

Suffice to say, you should never choose timepieces that are too ornate even for a casual office environment. Remember less is more when it comes to office watches. It’s better to keep it simple and slick with a little bit of your unique style. Traditional dials with vintage settings or dials with gold roman numerals and matte black straps will never let you down. They will always add a classic minimalist grace to your personality.

6. Never Go for a Loose Fit

A loose-fit silver watch might generate a careless charm but refrain from wearing it at work. Not only will it give off an impression of tardiness and unprofessionalism. It will also be a hindrance while you work on your laptop or desktop. Always make sure the watch fits perfectly to your wrist and doesn’t slide down. Paying attention to the fit is a must when you select your office watch.

7. Dial Down the Diamond and Gold As Much as Possible

Wearing a gold watch or a watch full of studded diamonds made quite the fashion statement a few decades ago. However, at present time they only work in the music or entertainment industry. If you work anywhere else other than those two avoid wearing an all-out gold watch. Or a heavy diamond embellished watch. A golden edge, a gold and silver jubilee bracelet or even tiny stone engraved numbers are enough to add a touch of traditionalism needed to flaunt a current elegant appearance.

Wearing a watch not only helps with proper time management but also adds a hint of style mixed in with some glamor. It gives you confidence and makes you look approachable. An accessory that does so many things needs some serious consideration before you buy one for your workplace. So explore various options from a fancy boutique before you select one for your office.


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