How to Plan a Family Tour In Niagara Falls, Canada?

Niagara Falls, Canada is a captivating place. It never fails to leave indelible memories to any family that visits it. The falls thundering with water and the many attractions available around make sure each member of the family has fun.

The problem here is not about being excited or not when to plan a family tour in Niagara Falls but rather where you start. With so many things to choose from, planning a trip can be quite challenging. 

This manual will assist you in organizing a fantastic vacation trip for your whole family around Niagara Falls in Canada without any difficulties.

What is the Best Time to Plan a Family Tour in Niagara Falls?

The finest moment to see Niagara Falls depends on the weather conditions and activities that your family prefer.

Summer (June to August)

This is the peak season for Niagara Falls sightseeing tours. The climate is hot, all attractions are open and different events and festivals take place. However, there would be more crowds than usual and accommodation prices would rise.

Fall (September to November)

During fall, it becomes cooler with beautiful foliage but with a smaller number of tourists as well. It’s a great time for outdoor activities during Niagara Falls day trips, like hiking or photography sessions!

Winter (December to February)

If you love winter sports or anything related, then this might just be the best period ever! Winter lights up fall with colours never seen before, while the Winter Festival of Lights offers a unique experience.

Spring (March to May)

During spring since flowers start blooming making it very pleasant outside coupled with warm temperatures which are ideal for Niagara Falls sightseeing tours and exploring nature reserves.

Must-See Attractions For Every Generation During Family Tour In Niagara Falls

Seeing the Falls

For the closest possible views, visit Journey Behind the Falls on the Canadian side. Bring a poncho. You’re in for a wet experience!

Hornblower Niagara Cruises

Take a boat tour that’ll bring you right up to Horseshoe Falls – prepare to be amazed!

Skylon Tower

Want to view stunning panoramic views of the falls, the city, and beyond during your family tour in Niagara Falls? Go up the Skylon Tower. Have a meal at the revolving restaurant while you’re there for an unforgettable time.

Night Illumination

Watch as the falls are lit up with vibrant colors and cascading lights during nighttime – it’s magical!

Activities That Will Make You Smile

Clifton Hill

This amusement district is ideal for fun-filled family activities. Go on the Niagara SkyWheel or check out Ripley’s Believe It or Not! But if you’re in for some challenge play one of the many arcades or mini-golf courses during your Niagara Falls day trip. 

Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens

Get away from all the noise by visiting this garden. This peaceful oasis is filled with beautiful plants and waterfalls. You can explore the themed gardens and vibrant floral displays.

Butterfly Conservatory

Walk through acres of paradise surrounded by thousands of butterflies fluttering around in every direction – an amazing experience for people who love nature no matter how old they are!

White Water Walk

Want to add some adventure to your family tour in Niagara Falls? You can consider visiting the White Water Walk. 

Through this thrilling boardwalk, you’ll get to view raging rapids alongside the Niagara River. You can also feel the mist on your face while witnessing powerfully fast-flowing waters.

Journey Behind The Falls

Take an elevator ride down into tunnels carved from solid rock, which lead directly behind giant sheets of falling water from the Horse Shoe Falls. 

Then walk through these beautifully lit passageways before emerging out onto observation decks located just yards away from base which provide excellent views. It’s a must-see marvel during your Niagara Falls tours Canada. 

Adventures Beyond The Falls


Take a break from the fall’s energy by exploring this quaint historic town. Visit wineries, browse through shops or learn about Fort George.

Niagara Whirlpool Aero Car

Take a ride high above swirling rapids and whirlpools within enclosed cable car that spans across mighty Niagara Whirlpool itself where you will have chance to see some breathtaking views down into gorge below. You can choose a perfect trip with the Niagara Falls Private Tour package. 

Niagara Parks Commission Trails

Explore various trails. You can go for hiking or biking. Exploring the trails range in difficulty levels. But regardless of the trail you choose, you can surely enjoy stunning views over scenic sections along the Niagara River and its surroundings. 

Dining Options For Families

A great trip requires finding dining options that are family-friendly. Niagara Falls has many to choose from:

Fallsview Buffet

Found in the Sheraton on the Falls, this buffet offers a variety of dishes and breathtaking views of the falls. Many Niagara Falls sightseeing tours packages include a dinner/lunch option at this place. So if you’re booking a package inquire about the meal options.   

Rainforest Cafe

An excellent jungle-themed restaurant with animatronic animals – kids love it!

The Keg Steakhouse & Bar

This restaurant is located in Embassy Suites and offers delicious meals with a view of the falls. A perfect place for a scrumptious meal after enjoying family tour in Niagara Falls. 

Local Eateries

Flying Saucer Restaurant is one of many local favourites. It is known for its unique UFO-shaped building and diner-style food.

Safety And Travel Tips For Family Tour In Niagara Falls

These tips will ensure your trip is safe and fun:

  • Stay Hydrated – Especially during the summer months!
  • Dress Appropriately – Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking/playing outside. Bring rain gear for boat tours or attractions near falls during your Niagara Falls Tours Canada. 
  • Keep Valuables Secure – Use hotel safes and be cautious in crowded areas.
  • Plan For Emergencies – Know where the nearest hospital is. Keep emergency contact numbers handy.

Special Events And Festivals

Every year, many festivals take place in Niagara Falls. Just see their calendar of events and find out if anything is happening during your visit:

Niagara Falls Fireworks – There are always spectacular firework displays over the falls during summer months as well as special holidays such as Canada Day (July 1st).  So before you plan you Niagara Falls Private Tour check the fireworks schedule. 

Falls Winter Festival of Lights – It happens from November to January. During this festival millions of twinkling lights and festive displays are held in the Falls.


A family holiday in Niagara Falls is surely exciting. You can experience natural wonders. Take part in thrilling activities and memories that will last forever. By planning in advance while considering what your family likes or needs most, you are guaranteed an easy-going, enjoyable trip. So grab those bag packs and prepare an itinerary because it’s time to create some long-lasting memories at one of the world’s famous natural wonders!

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